How To Signup A Lot Of People In Your Company, With Cold Calls


Most people hear the term "Cold Call" and then they pass out like they seen a ghost.

I have worked with several people, sponsored hundreds if not over a thousand people in various programs and companies, and the amount who are willing to make a cold call, is almost no one.

So why are people so scared of cold calls?

But most importantly, how should we look at cold calls, and do they really work?

Well, I'm here today to tell you I have made more cold calls then most people, and it certainly works. Even when I had no experience prior to making the calls.

Why Even Use Cold Calls?

To be honest, my most successful and quickest period of signups, was through cold calling.

Some of the greatest legends in MLM, teach how to do cold calling, and blitzing.

They teach that calling massive amounts of people in a short period of time, really strengthen your odds of success.

I understand how scary cold calling may seem to people, but once you understand it, and learn to do it the right way from this business announcement, then you too will have no issue with cold calling.

Embrace this one strategy, and the amount of success you can have in your MLM business is almost unlimited.

Who Do I Cold Call?

First off, a cold call is a call to someone you have never met.

I didn't say they don't know who you are, but you do not know who they are.

To get the most successful rate of closings per call, it is best to go with genealogy leads.

By cold calling MLM Genealogy Leads, you are only speaking to people you've never met, that know and understand the MLM industry.

Does this make sense why they convert better?

Using only MLM genealogy leads, you will find you need many less prospects to get a signup.

However, I have never just opened a phone book and began dialing. Nothing can be less targeted then just random calling. Many people think of cold calling this way in general, but using genealogy leads, it's not.


Now I Have The Right Prospects, What Happens Next?

Since you now have the right type of lead for cold calling, what should you expect?

Working MLM genealogy leads I have seen every call go one of three ways.

Those 3 ways are:

  • I will never do MLM again, but I respect your courage to do cold calling
  • I am happy where I am at, are you looking for a new company?
  • Yes, I am open to looking at something new

That's the basic 3 responses you get from genealogy leads. but they of course always differ.

You either find the one who tried MLM, and hated it. Promised themselves to never do it again.

Or you find the one who is still involved in MLM, and in a company they are happy with. Many of these may try to pitch you on joining their company. Don't worry though. These come out to be some of the best people to build relationships with in the industry.

Last, you get the one who is open. The one willing to look into something new. When you get this type of prospect, you find that they are either going to join anything you present to them, or they are going to have to be attracted to the product or comp plan.

The Success Is In The Numbers

Once you realize the cold calling of MLM genealogy leads, is truly simple to do, it now is only a matter of how many calls you can make.

The numbers do matter, and you will discover that this is the case once you see how things pan out.

I have hit numbers as high as 50%, or every other cold contacted lead, joining my business.

This of course is unlikely to ever be hit again, but it is most likely possible the more and more attempts I try.

Keep up with how many calls are made, and divide the numbers as follows:

  • How many calls per contact/prospect
  • How many prospects per presentation (how many said they were open to looking)
  • How many presentation per signup

Keep a record of this, and you will learn what leads are working best.

What matters most is what lead batches bring the most signups, not the most people answering or calling back.

Have An Affiliate Program As Back Up

If you really want to increase your commissions, then having an affiliate program such as the MLM Genealogy Lead System mentioned above, as a back up source for those who are happy where they are.

This will turn profits and commissions from prospects who otherwise would of brought nothing.

When you meet a cold contact who is happy in their company, offer them something to help them build the business they have.

By doing this, you get more commissions and income, and you have a source to build a relationship with.

Some of the prospects who purchase the affiliate tool or program from you, will join you in your company or business later down the road. I've seen up to 3 years later in some cases.

Why Cold Calling Works So Well

To understand why cold calling MLM genealogy leads works so well, is to put yourself in the shoes of the prospect you call.

A person involved in MLM, a business you wanted to be successful in, calls you and they seem very comfortable and unafraid of calling.

Your first instinct is this person is a true hard hitting, and hard working person.

You understand that cold calling is a fearful strategy for most, but not for the one calling you.

Unlike warm market, you do not know this person. You only assume they do this all day long with several people a day. It may even be their first call, but you wouldn't know any different.

I have had several, including my first signup with cold calling, tell me they thought I had been involved in the industry for years.

They said by me calling them without knowing them, must of meant I was a very successful leader who can teach them the ropes.

I quickly realized, that all the people I was calling automatically put a positive impression on me for doing so, giving me the upper hand and trust I needed them to have in me.

This is why cold calling people who understand the MLM industry, works so well.

Did This Help?

If you got value from today's post, then please leave a comment below.

If you've worked MLM genealogy leads with cold calling strategies, also leave your thoughts below.

Be sure to send me a connection request, and I will certainly accept it. We can continue sharing value, tips, and strategies though our connection.


Would you rather not call cold leads? If you need a system to do the signups for you, then you may love this system I am using that gets me signups in my MLM business, without even talking to the prospect. Combine it with calling to get even more signups, or just let it do the work for you. Take the free tour now and see it work for yourself.

This article was published on 28.09.2018 by Jaye Carden
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Jaye Carden Thanks Chris. I'd rather speak to genealogy leads and lists any day over bizopp leads. I only speak to those who understand the business.  1 year ago
Chris Brown Nice article Jaye, never considered MLM genealogy lists but makes perfect sense :)   1 year ago

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