Getting paid every 30 minutes 7 levels deep is just a myth?

ClickIntensity really does pay 7 levels deep and up to 48 times per day

I have been working online for some time now and I thought I had joined sites that could not have been bested, but I was wrong, At the beginning of April I was introduced to a new platform that was in pre launch.  I heard all the hype and though "oh yeah another one", but simply because it was free to check out, I decided that I owed it to my team to check it out and verify the claims of ClickIntensity promised to be the best Social advertising exchange platform ever.

As with all the platform I join to test, I worked hard for the weeks leading up to the launch examining the platform and interrogating the owner Nick Johnson. I made sure that I asked for the back up plans that he had in place if something similar to the PayPal fiasco was to happen, and thankfully he answered with a direct and concise response that immediately put my mind at rest.

The first stage of joining any business and promoting it, from my point of view as a team leader, is to verify that MY team are safe to use a platform before inviting them in.

I had hundreds of emails from my down line asking about ClickIntensity and what I thought but I couldn't start inviting people in until I was certain.

In the lead up to the launch I learned every inch of the platform, I examined every glitch, every future optimization and I am happy to say that although the platform is new and as with ALL new platforms, there will be some glitches and optimizations that need doing, there was NOTHING that I couldn't work with. I even had time to build the Click Intensity Excel Income Calculator, (download link at end of article) which is now distributed between the members of the business and also now across the world and used as the primary calculator to work out earnings over a 4 year period.

On the day of the launch, the 27th March, within minutes of the site going live I purchased my first revenue share ad packs. (Ad packs on ClickIntensity are only $25, they pay back approx 2% per day over approx 60 days, however as a rev share this % can change, it can go as low as 1% BUT can also go as high as 4%, so far I have seen 1% payments AND 4% which is where it is capped) In my account there is a virtual wallet which shows all of your credits to your account, which occur every 30 minutes up to 48 times per day .


$250 was the amount of ad packs I purchased on day one and up until now,  35 days into launch, I am happy to announce that the calculator is 100% spot on and with my $250 purchase I will reach my max pack account at 4000 ad packs about half way through year 3 if I continue to ONLY re purchase through Profits and not from pockets. I have currently re purchased an additional 10 packs just from profits so far, However I will be adding more packs from funds rather that profits only so that I can reach my 4000 max account adpacks a lot sooner.

A single ad packs pays back approx $0.50 per day so 4000 packs will pay back approx $2000 per day, obviously I will need to use some of that to re invest to keep my account at 4000 but I will be able to comfortably withdraw approx $300 per day on average for the life of ClickIntensity once I reach that 4000 pack mark.

The system has its own internal currency, so when you purchase your ad packs you are actually buying virtual Gold Coins, think of them like Casino chips, you exchange your cash for chips to use withing the system, buying ad packs or advertising and when you are ready to cash out you can exchange them for real cash.

So far I have not come across a platform who offers so many payment options, this also drew me to the platform as I knew I would have no problems ever getting to my money,


The admin are very transparent and have even told us of an attempt by someone to hack and withdraw fraudulently from Click Intensity, which instills more trust in the owners of the platform.

I myself have been invited and accepted to be an administrator of the Click intensity Facebook Group due to my background and knowledge of the system, which is what makes me one of the top leaders within the platform and the design of the Clickintensity income calculator AND some publications for training along with my training videos ensure that my team is one of the best on the platform.

The best part of all of this is the fact that you only need to spend about 10 minutes per day clicking on a few advertisements, sharing a post of two on social media or even playing a game and providing you do 10 of these activities every 24 hours, you will continue to get paid.

You can join yourself now and within the next 15 minutes you could start earning a new additional income paying you every 30 minutes up to 48 times per day.

- Daniel "Traffic Link King" Elliott

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This article was published on 05.05.2016 by Daniel Elliott
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Kevin Duffy I would like to know more about this.... although that was very indepth, & a great pitch..  4 years ago

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