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The business that I promote is called 'MINTBUILDER' which sells silver and gold coins and jewelry which you can buy with bitcoin or cash. In these times of economic uncertainty it's a good idea to save gold and silver both as a safety net and as a hedge against inflation. The suggested amount is 10% of your income should be invested in precious metals.


Mintbuilder is a rapidly growing network marketing company as well as a gold and silver shop, who's products make it a very exciting and profitable business to be in. When you join you get your own Mintbuilder web site with your name and details printed on it, along with the gold and silver shop that you and your customers can make purchases from.


It's your lucky day! Today you could save yourself and your family from the chaos that is coming when paper currency collapses! Paper money used to be backed by gold...but that stopped in 1971. So now, paper money has no intrinsic value at all. Inflation reduces the value of paper currency even more, so governments have to keep printing more money until all confidence in the worthless paper money is lost and there is a financial crisis. This is inevitable! Below is a video which explains how this FIAT money system works.


A great opportunity is now before you! You can join a precious metals company (Mintbuilder) and start buying and saving gold and silver bars and coins. Gold and silver are just as valuable now as they were 5000 years ago! All it costs is $99 which means that you get to buy gold and silver from the company shop at wholesale price. And you pay $99, $149 or $198 per month autoship which gets you either one, two or three MS70 silver coins each month which are top quality, highly collectible coins! These coins are kept in an air tight transparent box to keep them in mint condition and they increase in value over time.


Below is a link for my 'Mintbuilder' web site, where you can join this amazing company and opportunity! Please click on it to watch the educational videos. Start recruiting people to your business and you can earn thousands in commissions and earn a residual income (monthly earnings) which can be paid in either silver, gold, bitcoin or cash! Currently it's possible to earn up to $12,000 per week! And when you are successful, Mintbuilder will pay for a Mercedes motor car for your personal use. It would be fantastic to have you on my team! I will give you all of the help and support you need.

Many thanks

Steven Lloyd

This article was published on 19.03.2018 by Steven Lloyd
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