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What is Value to a Prospect

Network marketing is a self driven business when you do not work it does not work its as simple as that . There are also flaws in the system as well, especially training we receive from those already established in the business. Hype is good and bad at the same as it gives the wrong impression that network marketing is easy and new recruits often go in blinded by the hype which to me is a pitfall to the business and rather unnecessary. The great question that is never answered is on the how part , how to talk to people leading to you presenting your opportunity to the next person. How do you talk to your cold prospects and how long it takes for them to warm up to your idea all depends on HOW you interact with them.

The how part matters as to not to put off people when you lead your conversation especially in the cold market , when you lead with the business (learnt that the hard way) you get zero interest from people, why, because you are preaching information to people who have not asked for it. Right there is when you lose your prospect completely and recovery from there is next to impossible.

So what do you need to do to avoid this 'hype' mentality and build your network marketing business as you should. Lead with giving value to people, as human being we are inherently selfish, when a person does not see value in what you are offering its game over. Lead your conversation by initially creating rapport or some kind of relationship. Here is the hard part Leaders in the industry train you to do it as quickly as possible but do not appreciate the different circumstances and environments you are operating in. For some its slow and for some its fast that is our differences. Know your people skill levels , learn to talk to people and no-matter how slow it feels build a relationship first and create authority over that person to always remember you whenever they think of whatever that concerns your business its you who first pops up in their mind. You will find when you understand and implement this when your business starts growing the growth will be exponential.

Do not just think of the money be of service first and the rest will follow.

This article was published on 23.08.2021 by Darlington Chinyadza
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Njideka N. Olatunde Thank you for sharing this article on communicating and connecting with prospects. Team building based on TRUST is the key to financial success in any network marketing opportunity  2 years ago

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