James Grissom

My name is James Grissom .. I have been Online for a few years now ..working on the knowledge to provide a opportunity to work a online business.. I will be doing my best to make it happen and build my business with a whole heart.. Helping people along the way is a key to life. People have supported me . Family,Friends and co workers. The teams I have been with and the people I have met along the way. I have a lot of nights and days staying up till the crack of dawn wondering will I make this happen.. or when will it happen . Friends saying your not going to ever make it ..Forget that. Online crap . That always fueled the fire. So here I am and most the people that said give it up are now saying that's great. Now I have this opportunity to show myself and all those that laughed and said that is a scam. I would like to change there minds only with my actions and accomplishment. This can be a life changer for me. THIS is me telling myself you did it . I'm vary content at this time even knowing my goal is not arrived yet. I am happy to help people and show them value in there life. I always wanted to prove this to myself and that is my drive I will achieve. Not getting in to a lot of personal things in my life but it's been a rough one my son passing at 19 was terrible and when I do achieve my goal I will congratulate him also.. So that means my goal is sold and you can't beat a person that won't give upI will do my best if it takes the rest of my life to get there . So that's a little bit of who I am the good and the bad. I want to give a thanks to the opportunity and push forward. James 

I have achieved now succeed  in doing so... 

I became a part of several organisations and 

Have learned the skills to succeed a income online.  I have been throughout the internet and have came a long way with my goal to succeed and achieve to the next level.. I will be furthering 

my knowledge to confirm the goals a head. 

Thank you for you time .. James 

This article was published on 24.11.2016 by James Grissom
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