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Hi folks… My name is Eric Grant, I’ve been a very successful networker for 20+ years, building very large teams, and earning an incredible amount along the way. Join my team now in high position, and you will be able to benefit from both my recruiting, and my SEO expertise!



AROGA Worldwide has the fastest paying, most powerful compensation plan, ever introduced to the networking industry! True unlimited earning potential for everyone, not just the big dogs! I believe we are going to break all records for growth and earnings with AROGA WORLDWIDE!


Have you ever stopped to think about why there are so few success stories in the networking industry? Sure there are those out there that are earning incredible incomes of as much as several hundred thousand dollars per month. But what about YOU, what about the average networker that has never earned more than a few thousand dollars per month? Why is that?

The answer is simple, when most MLM companies are designed, they are designed so that they only end up paying out about 30% to 40% in commissions. Oh they may say they pay out “up to” 60% of the commissionable volume, but when the dust settles and you factor in the breakage, they are actually typically paying out about 35%!!

What if there was a company that pays out a FULL 65%, of every gross dollar that comes in the front door? What if there was a company that has absolutely NO BREAKAGE EVER? What if there was a company that wanted to BREAK the MOLD and bring networking back to its roots where it was FUN and the distributors could earn significant revenue?

Well there is just such a company that is going to change the network marketing industry, and take the world by storm! The name of the company is Aroga Worldwide!! Aroga Worldwide was created with YOU the distributor placed FIRST in the equation!

Our incredible products combined with this uncommonly fair and robust comp plan will allow you to soar to wherever your mind can conceive!

Consider these facts…

 Aroga Worldwide is Simple, Fun and Easy, with amazing products that sell themselves!

Open for business in 160+ countries worldwide!

Strongest and fastest earning potential in the history of network marketing!

Low start up purchase cost of only $99.97 out of pocket!

Each $99.97 product sale produces a $20.00 Fast Start commission to the seller, which is paid daily, and also puts 80BV into the comp plan!

150BV left and 150BV right produces a massive 20% ($30.00) Binary cycle commission!

Every $99.98 monthly autoship purchase produces a Huge $80BV!

All money not paid out from the Binary earnings, will spill over into the 7-Generations of Matching Checks.

Absolutely NO BREAKAGE ever! 100% of ALL commissionable volume is ALWAYS paid out in FULL.!

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover accepted!

State of the Art MLM software to track your volume with REAL TIME features, to SHOW YOU THE MONEY you earn has it happens!

Our website has full Smart Phone capability!

$50,000 per week earning Cap on Binary Pay!

Receive up to 7-Generations of Matching Checks… The largest multiple-level matching payout in HISTORY!

No earning Cap on your Matching Checks earning potential!

Strong ongoing residuals will be generated from all the monthly reorders from Distributors, and Preferred Customers!

No Gotchas… Aroga Worldwide has a NON-FLUSHING Binary!

There is really no competition! We have the Simplest, Fairest, and Richest Comp Plan in the World!


The product we are selling is Quantum Infused Holograms! Your sign up package gets you 72-Energy holograms, 12 Sleep, 12 Energy, 12 Relief, 12 Fit, 12 Intelligence, and 12 Pleasure The Holograms are strategically placed on the body’s acupressure points.


SUCCESS waits for NO ONE!! With this SUPER FAIR and ROBUST comp plan you have UNLIMITED earning potential! Every person you enroll has the potential to create you unlimited matching checks! So what are you waiting for… this is your chance to live the life you deserve!



This article was published on 12.07.2016 by Chris Cartmill
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