The Fast Track to Going Full-Time in Your Business

                Are you ready to go full-time in your                 MLM/network marketing business in 2016?

Maybe I can help.

Look, it's no secret... nor is it just rhetoric (because it actually applies to every business or career path I've ever seen)... the value of a quality mentor is immeasurable in reducing your learning and building curve.  We've all heard it, right?  Except, after a while, we begin to just tune it out and go, "Yeah, yeah, yeah..."  The fact of the matter is, however, that it's absolutely true.  I tell you that from my own experience.

See, for about seven years I worked full-time in the MLM arena.  I loved it!  I actually loved nearly everything about it:  my company, my team, the opportunities it afforded me, the income and rewards, etc.  This avenue also allowed me -- as a newly divorced single parent of a toddler -- to be present for every one of my son's "special moments", share in his daily life, and so on.  That opportunity and experience also created the unique situation where my son (as he grew older) learned so much about the industry I was in that he's now one of the most fiscally intelligent 19-year-olds I've ever seen.  He's light years ahead of his friends and already finding and building his own empire.

Not everything was rosy, though.

When I first joined my company, I, like many of you, really knew little-to-nothing about what exactly I was getting myself into. :)  I only knew I liked the income potential, long-term benefits, short-term freedom and flexibility with time, and what the company appeared to do and stand for.  Everything else was pure excitement and adrenaline.  Sound familiar?  C'mon, it's okay to admit it.

The first challenge, however, became my trainer who burned through my warm market and pretty much ticked off all of them while getting absolutely no results.  After a bit of prodding, complaining, and admitted whining, the most-senior office leader agreed to cut me loose, if you will.  I had no teammates.  I had no sales.  I hadn't seen any recruiting.  And, I'd not witnessed one successful transaction.  I'm sure he thought I'd fail or just give up.  Within about two weeks, though, I'd recruited two direct teammates and closed two new sales, proving myself capable to handling my own "business", so, I was allowed to work with and train others from that point forward.

A while later, I had the opportunity to deal with an immediate upline member who, let's say, was more interested in her own succession and had no interest in helping me -- but a great deal of interest in taking my team (through attrition) and all my clients.  She wanted to force me out of the office and take everything I'd built.  Long-story-short, I did leave the office, the company became rather extensively involved, and I found myself in a much more logistically-challenging but lucrative position:  another office almost four hours from my home one-way and a high-ranking, self-made millionaire within our company as my new direct upline and mentor.  Now, I was already doing well (which is why my old upline wanted my team and clients, AND why my new upline agreed to accept my assignment -- because he'd already researched my numbers), but I can honestly tell you that, from this point forward, having the insight and mentoring of this man was and continues to be one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Throughout that experience I developed my own strategies, techniques, scripts, and so on.  (Necessity breeds ingenuity, right? :) )  I tweaked, learned, tried, got feedback, did more tweaking, etc. until I felt I'd maximized the results I could get -- with the help of MY mentors.

I've since moved on to other businesses and ventures that have also worked out well for me, thus making the decision to not return to network marketing.  As such, I have all this knowledge... these resources... strategies, scripts, and skills...  It caused me to contemplate what I could do with all that to create something productive so none of it would be wasted.

My answer?

This year, I'm mentoring a group of network marketers who want to create their breakthrough year and are ready to take working with a mentor seriously.  If this is you, I'd love to share the information with you.  Be forewarned, however...  I'm serious in my quest to see the dreams of the group members come to fruition, and I expect them to be just as dedicated and serious to fighting for their own futures.

Still think this is you?

Are you ready to go full-time and create your breakthrough in your MLM/network marketing business this year?

Go here now for details about the program and grab a free recruiting script as my gift to you.

    Crystal Schwindt, MLM Mentor

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This article was published on 29.06.2016 by Crystal Schwindt
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