Here is the full Global Domains International story.

Two men, Michael Reed and Alan Ezeir, were already

successful online with an online phone company. However,

being men of vision, they saw the growing market in domain

names and wanted to start a company to take part in this

new growing wave.

They wanted a top level domain name - there are only a

limited number of options. Eventually they settled on .ws

- the domain ending for Western Samoa. A small pacific

nation with limited population and a less technological

lifestyle had little use for a top level domain name. They

wanted to change .ws into 'WEBSITE' and take it to the


Getting an agreement met rejection along the way but

eventually through determination they achieved success.

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Here's how the Samoa's felt about it ...

"They originally wanted to wait to see just how well we

performed" Mike said.

"They proposed that, as a test, our Company had to produce

15,000 registrations in just three years. We did that in

the first month," Alan proudly stated.

"The Nation of Samoa now receives a percentage of all .WS

domain sales that GDI generates, and is delighted with our

success. Our company is proud of a freshly minted,

unprecedented, 12-year exclusive international agreement to

distribute .WS worldwide, with first right of renewal."

This gives partners in GDI a good level of certainty and a


They had stated their goal is to make .ws the biggest

domain name in the world and overtake .com - a huge goal.

Although they were already successful selling domain names

to multi-national companies, in 2003 they started a network

marketing program. It took 9 months to produce the full

GDI network marketing program including flash movies,

programming, etc.

The package costing only 10 dollars a month including a domain

name and web hosting, email, built in editor and more.

It represents one of the easiest and most simple ways for

the average person to get online.

(Especially when it's grown using our team system)

The reward package is simple as well - every person you

introduce to Global Domains International earns you a 1 dollar a

month. Easy to understand, and easy to explain (and more

importantly you get 1 dollar/month for every person they refer in...

down 5 levels deep in your organization).

Plus. now with GDI Premium you can earn even more! And that doesn't include the unlimited 100 dollar weekly bonuses!

Global Domains International allows people a

simple way to get their own address and start creating

internet real estate. If you haven't already ...

Start your risk free, 100% free trial with GDI today!

This article was published on 23.05.2019 by Bruce Garforth
Author's business opportunity:

Global Domains International - Domain-email-auction, 10 USD to join

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