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It's Never Too Late To Join The Karatbars Gold Money System

Trying to solve new economy problems with old economy solutions.

What used to work for our parents and grandparents doesn't work anymore. Because the dollar is losing value every day we are simultaneously losing our wealth every day. So why do people continue to save paper money? It's the status quo! $1000 today will only have a purchasing power of $552 30 years from now!  

There is an answer!

KARATBARS INTERNATIONAL, with the creation of negotiable cashgold, is proving to be the best money system in the world.

Take a look at Karatbars and you will see that it's a better way.  

You will:

 Outpace inflation

 Overcome Taxation

 Build a residual and immediate income


Never bet against gold. It doesn't matter what the manipulated markets say. Gold is the only true money.

KARATBARS INTERNATIONAL makes gold affordable to the masses and creates a system of acquisition. You actually earn referral rewards for referring others to SAVE real money . . . GOLD!

KARATBARS INTERNATIONAL is not just a business. It is a proper financial instrument. It is a system of moving your own money in a way that builds wealth by converting declining paper dollars incrementally into GOLD.

Karatbars is a simple wealth building plan that anyone can do with 3 optional ways to participate.

Option 1. Just save Karatbars Gold. High asset class 24k 999.9 pure physical Gold.

Option 2. Save gold and earn a monthly residual affiliate rewards bonus for sharing with others how to do the same. Get paid in cash, gold, and free gold through our loyalty rewards bonus. You can receive up to 25 grams of free gold each and every month.

Option 3. Maximize your income potential by choosing an optional business package.

The KaratGold (Formerly KaratBank) Coin, KBC, is going to make some billionaires, many millionaires and thousands of people either wealthy or very wealthy. Why can we say those projections with such assurance? Well, every other crypto coin is based on nothing but hope, kinda like the US dollar, and market acceptance and we all know how fickle the "market" can be.

On the other hand, the KBC is linked directly to the gold that is owned by KaratBank. This fact means the value of the KBC is not materially affected by market conditions as are all the other crypto coins. The only affect the market could have would be a positive one driving the price above the redemption price. The essence of win-win. 

This is the ONLY company on the planet that is producing transaction friendly gold bars. Join the movement today! Be a part of history!!

Karatbars International Affiliate

This article was published on 14.06.2019 by David Williams
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