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Network marketing is a numbers business, basically the bigger your network the better your odds of making money and creating residual income for yourself and family as well as for those in your, lets not forget that. A funny and odd thing when you do not understand your company's compensation plan also affects how you structure your team. Usually binary lets you focus on both width and depth. Possibilities are three in this case you can focus on width (personally sponsored by yourself) and depth i.e. those that are enrolled by those in your team. Now in a binary format going wide is an impressive feat but you earn less than someone who focus on depth. You can have two leaders , one who focuses on width, lets say personally enrolls 800 and another who focus on depth and helps 20 of his leaders to enroll 20 each. which leader will make more money in a binary centered comp plan. You guessed right the second leader, why you ask, they have a smaller number than the first. Well here is the secret, when you help your leaders to enroll and grow their team you are building loyalty which in turn turns into residual income. You would have built loyalty and most importantly trust as you would have focused on their business first before 'yours'. That way you also would have taught them a work ethic that makes it duplicated in the rest of your team and you growth will be exponential once you gain momentum.

So your focus rather would be on depth as it builds your business in many ways than one. When as an example you enroll say 20 people and you help them enroll 20 each and they in turn duplicate that it would take less time to build a team of 1000 people than doing it on your own. And in  a binary compensation plan you maximise all the ways of earning hence producing and securing a significant amount of income for your team and yourself. 

As for the leader who focuses on width, his/her income is not guaranteed to fully exploit the compensation plan. If yo are to look at the Seacret compensation plan which has 8 ways to earn weekly , if you are to focus on width, you will fail to exploit team cycles which have a weekly US$25 000 income and that is a great loss.  

This article was published on 10.09.2021 by Darlington Chinyadza
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