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Do you know what that means? You can name a BENEFICIARY for your MLM business!

Have you EVER heard of such a thing for an MLM!!!

Yes indeed! This means that you can dictate this business for ownership when you die to whomever you like.

This should be very exciting for you and make a difference on what type of company you represent.

Here are 6 unique selling points!

6 USPs – six P’s

  1. PRODUCT Blue Ocean Market – this means that you have wide demographic and we are in the pregnancy stage, demand is overpowering supply
  2. POTENTIAL – we are pioneering, 7 YEARS
  3. PRICE – compared to other costs for taking care of your body/family
  4. PAY PLAN – hybrid and placement
  5. PROMOTIONS – trips
  6. PRIFE – prime of life – 100+ yrs combined direct marketing mlm leaders

>>>>>LOOK AT THIS BENEFIT! Also any business owner outside of USA benefits greatly because their earnings are in USD.

What the heck is terahertz frequency??? What exactly is this blower??? You can use it to dry your hair and it is possible that your hair grows! This is a hand held device like a blow dryer. In fact, STOP using your blow dryer.

Albert Einstein "future medicine will be medicine of frequencies”. That is NOW! With our company!

Terahertz resonates (vibrates) the same frequency as normal human cells, generates millions of VIBRATIONS per second. This means self healing. This means elimination of ALL ABNORMAL CELLS! This frequency aims at the cells. Why is the vibration important? It is generating good in your body!

All organs are connected to the spine! When you use this heat blower, it activates the dormant stem cells. Then what happens? Then you heat the bones, releases dormant stem cells in bone marrow! It starts in the brain!

This heats up and TURNS ON THE IMMUNE SYSTEM and changes organs, skin, eyes, ears, what about your GUT! Every cell is a battery! This product is 1/40th of sunlight energy. 

How many issues are a result of a struggling immune system? Trauma messes up your immune system! Ask me about it! 

What about wrinkles and weight loss! We have testimonies and mine coming soon about my wrinkles. I know some people are shy about their situation maybe ED or prostate. PLEASE DO NOT BE SHY!

We do not inherit our families sicknesses! 

Everyone who buys the blower does not have to share the opportunity! This is a STAND ALONE PRODUCT. We have two other products and for now I focus on the iTeraCare blower.

This product is bringing life and health to EVERY home!

I am seeking individuals all over the world who want to make a difference in people feeling good and make money too! 

This article was published on 29.07.2022 by Barbara Thompson
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Prife International - iteracare device, Free to join

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