What Are You Grateful For

I was challenged earlier today, as an assignment,  to write down 100 things I am grateful.   Ok, that should be relatively easy I thought.  Actually, for me, it was not.   Then I remembered the caveat concerning this exercise which is, and I’m paraphrasing, “the speed it takes to determine how long it takes to write them down, determines how far from gratitude I am.”

As I wrote initially, rather quickly, I began to slow, feeling the frustration.  Not the disappointment of not being grateful for anything,  but having false confidence in believing I was an uber grateful person--that writing out 100 things to be grateful would be easy.     To me, this is a classic case of being weighed and measured and found wanting revealing--  How far from gratitude was I?

I remember the statement, "we should even be grateful for the bad things that had happened, for those things have brought me to precisely to the path in my life.  So with that bit of clarity, I set out again.   And as items flowed, I repeatedly thought, how grateful I am that life lessons continue to be a teacher.  I am thankful that I can keep learning, even if I blunder my way through the process sometimes.

Further, I thought of the influence and impact I have on my sons and grandson.   Even with this post, I thought of how far I have come to feel comfortable enough to post my thoughts--to begin it regularly, and on and on.   When you think of your life and where you are and the path that was taken to arrive, for me it is easy to note that external and internal grateflness.

I know not what you are grateful.  Only you know that.  But I hope that, if you have not given it any thought, I am hoping that this writing prompts some interest.   I am only speaking for myself, but there are things in life I want.

But I am convinced now from learning, that if one is not grateful for the things--not merely material possessions, but problems, setbacks, struggles, etc., new things in your life can be slow to come if you are not grateful for what you have currently--what lessons learned during those times.  This statement may be controversial for some people.

And that is ok.   But one this is for sure if one's gratitude has wanded for some time, this may be a good time to re-evaluate those things that are important, and you are grateful for.   So, in closing one thing that can help with our gratitude, is to create some phrases such as I am thankful fo________    or I am grateful for_____________.     Say them often and add to it.  The more that we are grateful, the more mindful and happier we can be.

This article was published on 24.01.2019 by Mark Anthony
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