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110 million+ potential customers - Own your own TV channel

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Two Of The Largest TV Networks In The World With 220 Million Subscribers! And Growing!  Take advantage of this NEW wave of Television Viewing by using the Phenomenon of Connected TV! 

What is Connected TV? 

Connected TV also known as online TV refers to any TV that can be connected to the internet and access content beyond what is available via the normal offering from a cable provider.

Smart TVs, Smart Devices, Mobile & Tablet... Connect to the internet and stream TV! People simply create an account, login and watch unlimited content on their TVs & Devices. 

The age of cable TV is dying fast... And Connected (online) Television is HERE!

Allowing Business like yours to move into new-age of doing business that is at the peak of the media evolution timeline! 

Thanks to our friends at Roku and Amazon fire TV, You can NOW GET in front of MASSIVE Content HUNGRY Audiences!

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Hurry Opportunity Is Limited

“54% Growth In Global Live TV Streaming”

-Conviva has released its State of the Streaming TV Industry Report which shows staggering growth in global TV streaming ...

-Roku remains the leader among Conviva’s customer base of connected TV devices with a steady 40% share of viewing hours … 

yet Amazon Fire TV is growing rapidly with a 500% increase in share of viewing hours


PER Household There Are On Average THREE People Watching/Streaming At Once! This Adds Up To 720.000.000+ CONSUMING DIGITAL CONTENT ON DEVICES!

(And we didn't even account for Smart TVs, Consoles, Devices AND MORE!)

You have a Massive and Captive Audiences to Appeal to...

our OWN TV Channels created by users , (See Link)

  • Leverage your current website traffic to generate MORE channel subscribers
  • Drive more sales & commissions from the offers on your site
  • Get MORE organic traffic to your websites from search

  • Create powerful authority status by displaying your on-demand channels to your site visitors

THINGS LIKE Present your Products and services to a Massive Captive Audience 


What Having your OWN Channel Can Do:

* Your own never-ending traffic source with over 110 MILLION+ consumers - and counting - from 2 of the largest streaming platforms on the planet

* Making ongoing income WITHOUT even selling - just by flipping a switch, earn hands-free profits from advertisers that find you

* Banking HUGE upfront & ONGOING payments from companies that want their share of online streaming audiences

* Effortlessly building TARGETED lists in any niche - lists you can market to WHENEVER you choose

* Selling MORE of your products & services to a hungry, UNTAPPED market


* Paid Traffic & Promotions

* Social Media Marketing

* Creating Your OWN Content

* Time Wasting SEO

* Coding & Developers

* Struggling for Audience

Sell Ads on your channel at $500 each!

This article was published on 12.06.2022 by Michael D Sullivan
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