Public Health safety is an individual and national team effort.


A novel virus means that no one had exposure and hence no immunity.

Although this is the flu season and the influenza viruses are very much a part of our lives year in and year out, the precautions one must take are universal and must be a common practice for everyone. To me, a few central realities at the core of the community infection prevention and management ecosystem should be distilled down so each person is able to readily understand what is expected of them every flu season and in times of potentially grave health crisis. For starters, how to easily access reliable unbiased health information and most importantly, how and when one must immediately contact and connect directly with the medical professionals for prompt treatment. On a personal responsibility front, one should focus on daily prudent optimal personal wellness hygiene, intentional self-care education, and the biggie, the habitual practice of proper hand washing hygiene and last but not least, staying informed and engaged by adhering to national health alerts, and knowing how to access community support centres that offer local crisis prevention measures and materials. We should hold accountable and insist that those who we entrust with researching, regulating, promoting and communicating scientifically based health and wellness information to the public be genuine and succinct, do so with knowledgeable and scientific expertise, do so without biased panic to avoid unintended consequences that arise from disinformation. It is an imperative responsibility of keeping the public informed early, with honest updates and commitment to frequent revisiting of previously shared warnings and recommendations. We should be vigilant in protecting our own and infirm loved one’s health, mental and emotional well-being, especially in times of heightened fears from the unknown. We must accept that such times may invite scepticism and nurture attitudes of nonchalance and dismissive behaviours towards the crucial community efforts to control and combat any local, national or global crisis. Public figures, local leader, community organisations, governmental agents and bureaucratic agencies should neither be tolerated nor supported at any time be it in corporate corridors, church pews, college campuses or on a bully pulpit when they choose engagement in the irresponsible, inhuman and frankly dangerous disruptive behaviours of polluting our sensibilities, manipulating our fears, confusing our awareness or ridicule one’s right to seek information, hinder any well intended resolutions and efforts, knowingly pander to our naïveté with careless dismissive ignorance while creating, advancing or promoting a culture of blaming the caregivers and victimising the ones living the infection infliction and the ones that will be affected. The public discourse should never be at the mercy of corrupting intentions, skewed world views, medical sceptics, ill intention operatives, hijacked by fact-less personal opinions, unfounded beliefs, ignorant innuendos, disproven assertions or any agenda that unceremoniously opposes proven academic and scientific common-sense and healthcare modalities for their own self promotion or to feed fits of immature grandeur. We are all at the mercy of our democratically elected governments, and we, as the people, are who the government serves and we must all therefore be cognisant of our duty as stewards of the future generations livelihood, who we owe, at the very least, a world that is a safe place for us now and them in the future, to enjoy. The Medical establishments are the spine of a wide spectrum of enormous responsibilities. From critical preemptive scientific focused research, identification and implementation of new modalities and the necessary supervisory roles of overseeing the introduction and tracking of the efficacy of ongoing preventative measures, proactive actions and steadfast curative care practices and investing in new treatments, to post crisis reorganisation and establishing smarter solutions and strategies for future epidemic threats. Let us be proactive as the Ambassadors of our own health, the executive team members of our board of wellness direction, servants of the existence and livelihood of future generations and the stewards for the best world which happens to be the only place we have to live on together.   Stay safe and stay healthy.


This article was published on 24.03.2020 by Mukasa Venture Partners LLC
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