How To Get A Total Stranger To Watch Your MLM Presentation

Do you think it's even possible that you could get a total stranger, who you've never met, to actually sit down and watch your business presentation?

Most people always get the same type of response when prospecting strangers...

If they are lucky enough to get a person to say "Yes" then when the time comes to call them....

Yep, no answer. They stiffed you and you get more and more frustrated.

Sound familiar?

Why They Didn't Show When You Called?

Most likely, they had no reason to show.

They knew everything they needed to know to believe it was just you after their money.

Most likely you told them the company name, or went on about the compensation plan.

Either way, they went and Googled it and found the one negative review, or they knew everything they needed to know already because you told them. So why would they even need to watch it?

The Solution

When prospecting anyone, including strangers, you need to leave them curious.

The less they know, the more likely they are to show up so they can find out.

Make sense now?

Below is the I use, and in the -fields- like that are words you can change. Doesn't have to be word for word, but somewhere in the same ball park.

Here is how you invite a total stranger to take a look at your presentation when you meet them in public.

(You find something you have in common or know a little about that the prospect may have or you can see. If you can find nothing in common with them, then just talk about anything with them. Look at what they wear, drive, a sign they like something you like, or anything you can to talk about)

You: Well -John- I just remembered I have to be on a -conference call- in 3 minutes, so I need to run. But you seem like a really nice guy so I wanted to ask if you know anyone who might be open to making extra money?

Prospect - Yes, what is it?

You: Well (look at time) I really got to get on this -call- so I tell you what I can do for you. If you give me your contact info I promise you I will get back to you tomorrow evening and explain everything.

(Get their name, email and phone number, cell if most possible. Then leave and say no more)

Why This Script Works

First off, you found something in common with -John-

This helps him to trust you and like you more.

You created a B.I.C (break in communication)

You avoided telling him anything about the company or even what it will be.

You asked if anyone is"open" and everyone is always "open" to looking at anything

Also, extra money is always wanted. 

Lastly, you "promised" them you'd show them, so they became the benefit of the conversation.

Most likely, they will be waiting on your call and if they forget, they'll call back when they get your voice mail you leave them.

What If They Still Don't Give Out Their Contact Info?

Let's pretend the situation goes different.

Same as above to use when prospecting a stranger, but when you promise to get back to them, they refuse to give out their info....


YOU: "I really got to get on this -call- but if you give me your contact info, I promise I will get back to you and explain everything -tonight-"

PROSPECT: I don't feel comfortable giving out my information

YOU: I understand, it was nice meeting you -John-

Walk off....

So what? They don't give it.

But if you walk off, about half of them will change their response when they see you don't need their info, it was you going to help them not the other way around.

So if they don't want to give it, then don't get it. But never tell them the info regardless.

Did This Help?

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This article was published on 23.03.2018 by Jaye Carden
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