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How to make big money with info products.

 Towards the end of 2018, I read a mini report which

was a summary of one of Russell Brunson's inner

circle meetings.

Russell Brunson's inner circle isn't for anyone

You must have made at least $1m to be a member

So, this isn't generic information one of the pages, I read that one of the

things they do at these meetings especially for new

members is to help them craft a marketing funnel

for their business.

Just one funnel.

Then they tell the person NOT to do anything else

until they have made $10m with their funnel

You know why?

That is exactly how Russell took Clickfunnels to

$100m and beyond

At the time, one mentee of mine, Jonathan Melody,

a very smart dude just launched a new online course

So, I gave him this idea from the Russell Brunson's

inner circle

And guess what?

He focused on pushing his online course as much

as possible throughout 2019

The result?

He was able to make N30m in total sales - with

that ONE info product.

That is N2.5m a month


I don't know who you are listening to

But one online business model that will continue

to work for upcoming years is selling info-products

in various formats through the internet.

Another person sold 4,000+ copies of his ebook for

N17,000 last year.

You can do the calculation yourself.

Now, I am not saying everyone who sells ebooks and

digital courses all make big money

Many are just managing because they don't have the

recipe for the big money that info-products can produce

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See You On The Inside,

Oluwajana Adewale

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This article was published on 19.03.2020 by Olu John
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