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Improve your success by improving the quality of your prospects!

Hello friends! Can you tell me why most Network Marketers fail? An old friend who has been in network marketing for many, many years says "it's simple, the "no's" kill em ". What he means is that the vast majority of the people you meet, your friends, your family, they are not interested in network marketing and that's who you are marketing to... people that will NEVER say yes! They may have tried and failed in the past, they may have been pestered by network marketers in the past or maybe they just dont want to add stress to already stressful life. It doesn't matter and your success does not have to depend on your ability to convince them.

I have the answer. Leads! Qualified leads! Talk to people who have already expressed an interest in network marketing. There are many, many people looking to for an opportunity in network marketing. If you spend your time talking to those people instead of trying to convince a predetermined NO, your success will skyrocket, your attitude will be positive, your life may very well change and you may very well live your dreams of being a successful marketer.

The one thing we cannot recover in our lives and most of us have way too little of it already, is time. Stop wasting your precious time on people who may or may not be interested. Focus on the 1% who have already expressed an interest. You will know before you contact them that they at least have some interest in network marketing. They are interested enough to leave their contact info with the lead generator company. You don't have to beg these people, you don't have to convince these people. They are already interested! Just show them your.conpany and explain the benefits. Be a friend. Be a mentor. Your success rate will sky rocket!

My company, WeGotFriends is a new lead generation company founded to provide leads to network marketers. Not only will you get leads, but you will also have an opportunity to join them as a partner as well. By joining now, you will be in what we call FREE launch mode. Joining TODAY costs NOTHING! Follow my link, sign up and register.  You will have the opportunity later to buy leads either as marketing partner or as customer only. It is very important to sign ASAP and for FREE.

This article was published on 18.03.2023 by Kenny Smith
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WeGotFriends - Leads, Free to join

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