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Mobile Gaming is a Mulit-Billion Dollar Industry. Get a Piece of the Revenue.

You already know that mobile phone are everywhere and used for everyday things like banking, staying in touch, shopping, and so much more, including passing time with family-friendly mobile games.  Did you know that in 2015 mobile games hit the 30 billion dollar mark?  And is expected to perhaps better than double in just a few short years? That is an enormous amount of revenue in a niche in just a few short years.

How did this happen?  Game companies have appealed to people's need for stimulation, fun, and for ways to pass time, make connections, and reduce boredom.   They have placed games, now numbering into the millions, online for downloading many at no cost. The companies have continued to use social media to promote and to get fans to promote their games.  The big companies like King (famously known for Candy Crush) and Rovio (famously known for Angry Birds) to skyrocket into fame and fortune.  Even many of the small game developers have found nice revenue streams produced by their games.  All done because you and your circle of friends and family share your social media contacts with the gaming companies .  This is done with no real compensation to you other than perhaps a free life, a bump to the next level, or the greater ability to reach leader board status, but no revenue in your pocket.  And for those who chose, while engrossed and deeply engaged in a game, can often opt to purchase an "in-app" product like a new heart, a life, a bigger tank, etc., to stay active in the moment rather than sit out for several hours or days until "refueled".  Current game companies have not shared revenues or offered ways for people to win real prizes. 

You can get excited now because there is a new game company that has come into the arena with a very unique and powerful model.  One that has awesome games like Trivia, as well as runner and puzzle games, with many more types of 3 D games coming this year.   They have a community of gamer players, social interaction built into the games, AND they are sharing the revenues with those who share the games.  Plus they have tournaments and other social activities built in allowing players to compete for prizes. 

Whether you play games or not you must understand that millions of people play daily.  Some games have millions of users playing daily just for fun with no compensation in terms of real income.  Getting paid to share an opportunity that is in this enormous mega trend is like standing with Microsoft, Amazon and others in their early days.   You want in!

Let me show you how to grab your rightful share and help you earn in the mobile gaming industry.   Join us in the revolutionary gaming network where you will get paid for playing and sharing games!   Start by downloading our game hub here.  Once downloaded, register for free, join the revolution, and participate in one of the greatest opportunities that may come along for years to come.

For more information contact: or call Kim at (509) 592-4615

This article was published on 03.01.2016 by Kim Mckoy
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