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Now, at a time when nearly the whole world is focused on the health of their community due to the China Virus, along comes what is destined to change the world in a positive way. Some doctors are saying that this will revolutionize medicine as we know it. What is it you say?

During the 1980’s a researcher discovered the active molecule in the Aloe Vera plant. One network marketing company had the exclusive rights to it for 20 years. In the last years of the Patent the researcher was able to take some research some South Korean researchers and complete it and end up with an acemannan molecule that is 4 to 5 times stronger than the original formula.

In the early 2000's a Cornell University research team discovered that the one plant that eliminates inflammation like no other was the beet. The only problem was the sugar in the beets causes inflammation. They were able to extract that sugar and patent that science. The product made from that works wonders according to those who consume it daily.

Next a research team from New Zealand doing research on the Pine tree bark finds that the antioxidant value is 2nd to none. In addition, they find that honey made by bees that gather the nectar from the manuka plant has natures best antimicrobial to defend against nature’s most novel virus’ and bacteria.

The result of adding these technologies together? A world class functional food called Cell-a-brate.  And because the Social Business 3.0 company, Alovea, sends these top of the line, often lifesaving, functional foods to orphanages and Operation Underground Railroad homes where they bring the rescued children back from the brink all of these food technologies have been donated. Yes, donated not licensed. This allows for lower costs so more people will use them.

So how, you say, is this going to change the world? As of October 2020 a Christian health share type of Insurance company will be sending, each month, to those covered a bottle of this product as a “trial” to see, after a year, how being proactive works vs just reacting to having not taken care of ones self. Don’t you know that after that trial period is up and they announce that they will cover the cost of said product going forward that the Health Insurance industry as a whole will jump on board so as to not get left out? Would you like to make that happen?

I would be honored if you would ask me to send you the info video or written material. At this time there are way more hurting children than we can help. Will you please work with us? If not as a Social Business Partner, then at least as a customer? If you won’t help 100 will you at least help 1?

This article was published on 07.10.2020 by Doug Dye
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