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River Bend Ranch Black Label Beef


The finest-quality cuts of beef raised in mountain pastures and delivered directly from the ranch to your door!

Riverbend Ranch can offer unmatched quality for several reasons. One reason is that we have the nation’s only fully integrated beef operation of any size. We control the entire process from start to finish, including breeding, the development of the animal every day of its life, raising the feed that is fed to the animal, the actual harvesting of the animal every day of its life, raising the feed thatthe actual harvesting of the animal, and the processing of the beef. This allows us to offer a product that is far superior to any of our competitors.

Quality of Animals

Over the past 27 years, we have spent millions of dollars selecting and investing in individual Angus cows that have proven to be outliers in beef flavor and tenderness. They are the foundation of our herd. We now have thousands of cattle with those very special genetics, providing us with a vastly superior product.

Quality of Processing

We own and operate our own 210,000-square-foot processing facility located right on the ranch. It is one of the most state-of-the-art processing facilities in the United States, including a 780,000-cubic-foot aging cooler.

Commitment to the Land

We focus on sustainable practices, from farming and ranching to processing. For example, nothing goes to waste in our processing facility! We capture the water and reuse it for irrigation. Gases from the water treatment are recycled as fuel to heat the plant. And our extensive composting operation transforms the plant’s by-product into fertilizer.

By owning and controlling every step of the process, we not only ensure maximum quality but also deliver unbeatable value


We know you care about the health and quality of the beef you feed your family, and we’re committed to delivering the finest beef at the best possible price.

Superior Quality

Because we own and operate the entire operation, Riverbend Ranch Steaks can offer superior cuts of beef at a value the other providers can’t touch!

How Riverbend Ranch Black Label Beef compared with other beef-delivery providers. No one comes close to matching our quality and value.

As a River Bend Ranch member, you get superior-quality beef at an incredible value.

* Prices in USD. Competitor prices estimated by calculating the per pound price of their most comparable items (as of Feb 2023) and adding them together to form a single bundle of equal weight to the Riverbend Ranch Black Label Ribeye+ Bundle. Prices are subject to change.



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