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Would A Lifetime Of Free Qualified MLM Leads Help?

Want 3 to 5 people a day looking at your business? HERE'S HOW YOU GET IT

I know how that title sounds. Qualified and free in the same sentence, is somewhat hard to believe. However, once you understand how the system and methods work, then it begins to give you that "Ah-Ha" moment.

It begins with using a system that searches online for people with MLM type backgrounds. The idea is to speak to only those who know MLM, not people who think it's a scam or has no entrepreneur type mind at all.

If you have ever heard of geneology leads, and used them, you may understand that there is a much higher rate of interest in these type leads than with using business opportunity leads. Business opportunity leads are usually looking for jobs, wanting something to do for free, or skeptic of anyone trying to introduce them to an opportunity.

So, how can you get a lifetime of geneology leads, without having to shell out loads of cash every time you need a new batch of leads?

This is called the MLMROD or MLM Recruit On Demand system.

The payment information is as follows:

The P1 Level = $15 (no monthly charges)

  • Get 100 free geneology leads 
  • Get free Autorsponder with 100 opportunity leads 
  • Get access to all scripts 
  • Get capture pages for generating your own leads 
  • Get full Contact Manager 
  • Get 5 leads added to your Contact Manger with every 1 lead you capture (no limit) 
  • Collect $15 commission with every member you refer 

Or the most common package is -

The P2 Level = $125 One Time Payment (no monthly charges)

  • All the above with the P1 level 
  • Get 100 free leads every time you have worked the last batch (never ending - lifetime of leads) 
  • Get additional $100 for every P2 member you refer (P1 does not get P2 commissions) 
  • Get $100 unlimited payments from all P2 members your referred P1 members refer (passed up to you) 

Then the final level, for the time based entrepreneur -

The P3 Level - $97 a month (must be P2 level first)

  • Everything in the P1 and P2 levels 
  • Receive 3 to 5 incoming calls to you everyday (no calling needed from you) 


What attracts people to the MLMROD system the most, is the fact you earn commissions from using the system, not just the money you get from building your MLM company.

Since you are calling only people who understand MLM, you will find many people who are in a company already, and are happy where they are. However, they would like to have 3 to 5 more people daily looking into their business, or perhaps a way to help their team duplicate better. This is where you refer the system to them, and you keep all the money from the P1 level, and most of the P2 level. The P3 level will be the least used, and the money from it is passed on to the system itself. Not a bad way to earn extra commissions from someone who wasn't going to join your of yet anyway.

                                                                                 THE RELATIONSHIPS

Using the MLMROD system you will be building several relationships along the way. Ever heard of "filling the pipeline"

The MLMROD system will do just that for you, and get you some fast signups into your business as well. Or perhaps, extra commissions you could use to run more ads or buy Christmas with?

                                                                                    THE AVERAGES

If you would like to know the average result of what to expect working the system, read on. Here is what I understand to be the average, but in no way saying this is what you will get. You may see better, you may see worse, but over time, it should come out to be or close to these numbers (you know how the rules go).

100 MLMROD Leads =

10 possible prospects

1 MLM Signup

3 MLMROD P1 sales ($15)

1 MLMROD P2 sale ($100 total)

This process can be repeated over and over again. You can easily run through 100 leads a week as a part time worker, and a few times a week for full time. You do the math.

                                                                     THE SCRIPTS / PRESENTATIONS

The MLMROD system contains it's own scripts you can use, or you can use your own. The script that is used with MLMROD is the best converting script that creator Ryan Guiness has found. He has made hundreds of thousands of calls, and get's the best numbers from what he provides in the system.

The presentation will be up to you. Since the system is generic, and has no company tied to it, you will want to use your own presentation for your prospects, and include one in the system as well for your members to learn about your MLM as well. You will be notified of anyone looking at your MLM who is a member.

                                                                   THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS

With the MLMROD system, you have many advantages at hand. You can always offer a discount on the system to increase P2 level members. You can use the system as a tool to invite more people to your MLM (purchase the system for them as a bonus for joining your team. You get your money back on it)

When a MLMROD member you referred looks at your MLM link inside the system, you are notified by email. This is where you can contact the member, and offer the commissions back, or part of them if they join your team. This helps to increase the signups into your MLM.

You can use your imagination on what all is possible with this system. But none the less, no matter what MLM company you use, the MLMROD system is by far the best system to keep the average MLM entrepreneur busy and with plenty of people to speak to. This will solve the "I don't have enough people to talk to" excuse.

                                                                              GET MLMROD TODAY

Now you understand how powerful and easy this system is to get, don't wait.

GET YOUR COPY OF THIS SYSTEM today and begin prospecting.

This article was published on 14.12.2015 by Jaye Carden
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