Why Working Your Business On Holidays Is Crucial To Your Success

Today is July 4th, and if you live in the United States Of America like I do, you are celebrating the Independence we gained from rising up against a tyrant king. 

Many people, from all industries and professions, take the work day off and have a good time!

But July 4th (Independence Day) is no different than other Holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and so on (USA Holidays).

People are off work celebrating...

So why would we want to let a great benefit such as this go?

Here is why you should consider working Holidays in the MLM industry!

People Are Off Work

Most people are at home today.

And what is it we do in the MLM industry?

We contact people about our businesses.

We should not be letting a day where we can get more people on a phone than any other, let go by without trying.

People being off work in masses is a good reason to be calling leads like crazy today!

How Some Think Of This

When I mention I will be calling a lot of leads today, some people have a different opinion on this.

They think "People will not want to be bothered on their off day".

But I see it differently.

If I do come across someone who is offended by me calling them on a Holiday, then would I want a person like this on my team anyway?

So I see that as a good disqualifying feature to learn from some people, if it were to even happen.

I don't believe many people will be offended by calling them when they are off work more than they would be calling them when they are at work.

People will be offended if they chose to be offended by other people's actions.

So I believe calling people now has a huge benefit for my business.

The Example

Not only will I be able to reach more people today than most days, but it will also give an example to those I call.

Many people will see this as someone with a strong work ethic is reaching out to them.

And most people want to work with someone who is a good leader, and leads by example.

Many people will want to work even more with me, because they see I work on days many take off.

Plus, the example it gives my team members, to work as hard as you can, regardless if it is a day people consider mostly to be work free.

The Competition Advantage

Many people in our industry, will follow the example of the employees.

They will see this day as a day to take off and relax, enjoy the freedom.

I enjoy working hard, so for me, everyday is an off day.

But, since no one else is out calling their leads, it leaves an open door for me to be the only person they hear from today.

If my competition is sleeping, I will be working round the clock to continue my dream and my business.

Always find the times when you can be the only person people will see, it's almost like you have a monopoly for the day!

Do You See The Power In This?

If you see why working on the days most people take off, then be sure to leave a comment below. Also, be sure to send me a CONNECTION REQUEST over, and I will be happy to accept it.

P.S Want to work with someone who will put a lot of people into your downline for you? Even on Holidays I will be working to place more people in your downline to help you reach an income level you desire. Take the free tour here and see for yourself how working hard works for you!

This article was published on 05.07.2018 by Jaye Carden
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