The Money & Power Club is a gateway to build wealth through the use of cryptocurrency. The goal is to build teams of six, starting with whoever referred you, which would be me, you and four more. Each person who enters the Money & Power Club would then build their own team of individuals, who'll duplicate the beforementioned process. The initial investment is $110 dollars, to get into the club, which covers your $10 yearly administration/back office fee, plus your ground floor silver level, where you'll learn how to create cryptocurrency wallets, trade and become educated on what's going on in the world of cryptocurrency.  You'll also gain access to the means to receive free cryptocurrency, as well; one of which is housed here: Although I was a total newbie to the cryptocurrency community, I have quickly picked up on very knowledgeable information, and learned that cryptocurrency has already been circulating and is an acceptable form of payment, all across the globe. Several of my teammates are already millionaires and billionaires in the cryptocurrency world.   

One thing I adore about the team over at Money and Power Club, MPC, is that the people that I am partnered with, are truly patient and helpful, and everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace. We have one on one zoom platform presentations, to introduce prospects to the opportunity so that they can make a conscious decision to join. The "no one gets left behind" policy gives the opportunity, not only a team feel but also a family vibe. Since being a part of MPC, I've also been introduced to several other avenues to create streams of income. It's truly a unique club, and I'm proud to have been lead to what I feel is a Divine doorway to the abundance that I have been manifesting. All the puzzle pieces are connecting, and I can truly say that since partnering with MPC, I can look forward to obtaining a successful career as a debt relief associate, which is a business within itself.

There are several programs within the Money & Power Club, and each one is explained in detail, as it is also the goal of the creators, to teach everyone who joins, how to introduce the club in their own residential communities to improve the economic forecast for all. I feel the Money & Power Club is a much-needed vehicle, to not only help impoverished communities, but the entire world at large, as it is a global platform because of the use of cryptocurrency as the preferred form of payment, peer to peer.

The MPC is ideal for people who are already in network marketing, as well as those looking for something to either supplement their income, or replace it altogether.  Although we're not multi-level marketers, we are multi-level teachers, of all things cryptocurrency, such as trading peer to peer.  I encourage anyone reading this to get in contact with me, and at least see what this opportunity has to offer.  Partnering with me can lead to success, as I've been recognized as a leader, even though I'm fairly new. Won't you join me as a member of my core team, and let's get started planting the seeds today, for a great harvest tomorrow.

I look forward to your interest in our pathway to financial freedom program!!!

Coach Red Hawk

This article was published on 13.09.2019 by Trisha Red Hawk Martin
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