Where is the grass greener?

Have you noticed your surroundings lately, is the grass, greener over here or is it greener over there or maybe by the tree on the other side of the road… or is there just no green grass left anywhere because you find yourself living in a desert that you have created around you.

There are people all around the globe who are looking for greener pastures in the hopes that they can create a better life for themselves without taking into consideration what is already in their backyard. The backyard being themselves, people tend to look for excuses for not being successful, they blame anyone and everyone, anything and everything for not having the success they are wanting, yet they are unwilling to accept they have to change how they react to situations, actually they need to learn to take action instead of always reacting to others peoples actions.

The best example I can give you is you ask a prospect to join your business opportunity before knowing what it is that they are expecting, assuming they want exactly the same thing you do, more money, more time and a better lifestyle overall, makes sense right that is what everyone wants... or is it?

What exactly does this mean it means as we grow up we are influence day and night by those around us, we are given a set of beliefs that has been passed down from one generation to the next yes it has a few changes here and there but overall what your grandparents believed is what your parents passed on to you, thus you still have it in your belief system.

Thus the common belief from the outside world who are not involved with the Network Marketing industry believes that we breed off the weak minded people within society, the ones who are gullible, who don't know better and have no chance against our fancy sales tactics and cult ways. Yes, this is how the outside world sees us and by not changing our beliefs and what we teach others doesn't help us improve the industry nor does it make it easier for our team members to sponsor new people.

The outside world believes that people within the industry are scam artists, crooks and villains and the main reason for it is you and me and those people who actually don't stop others from ruining the industry’s image even more, the unaware new marketer that doesn't know better, we cannot blame they are just doing what the person that recruited them told them to do. The key word is "Recruit" here, because they are being taught to go out and recruit anyone and everyone before they get a chance to get off the ground this mentality is just wrong, stop trying to have your new team members become recruiters who are trying to get grandma, mom and pop, aunts, uncles, younger and older siblings to join them before they even know what products they are offering.

Start instilling a new belief system, that we have a better way as Eric Worre says, and show them the better way, become the sponsor you wish you would have had, teach your new people what and how to say it before you send them out, don't teach them the; if you talk to 1000 people you will be successful, that is just not true and the bad thing is you know it, you do know it right, admit it you know it isn't so, so why do you not tell them otherwise, yes it is a numbers game, but do we have to punish them just because no one bothered to sponsor us properly.

I am sure at some point you said, when I have a team I will change this I will sponsor people properly when I can I just need a few more people to join, well guess what you can change it right now and you don't even need a big team yet, actually it is better not having a big team because what you teach your team is what they will teach theirs. So join me in creating a better system with your team thus improving the image of yourself and the industry which makes all our lives easier.

This article was published on 08.05.2016 by Max Zimmermann
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Jayne Mayer Agreed. Integrity & service to other's are the key. Recruit mindfully, mentor them & you only have to build once. Especially important when you're building internationally.  4 years ago
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