What is the ONE Fundamental Ingredient For Success?

This is a sore subject to many.

In all honesty, I couldn't care less.

I always believe in being truthful and honest.

My views are my opinions. You do not have to agree.

Let's jump right in. So what is the ONE fundamental ingredient to create success?

YOU are.

You see, without you, there would be NO business.

You control the spark.

YOU control the outcome.

You control the effort & action.

It's often the case, that people blame systems, companies, their downline, their sponsor and all the other weird and wonderful reasons of why they are not successful.

Utter, steaming BS!

The raw truth, is that YOU are the single key ingredient for SUCCESS.

There should be no other driving force behind the business, except YOU.
You need to bring so much tenacity and relentless perseverance that success is inevitable.

You are the leverage.

YOU are the marketing.

YOU control your own economy.

Don't be swept by the tide, with no hope and no reason.

You have a purpose and you control the outcome.

Sure, there are other things beyond our control that are built to test us in business.

But let me tell you something. Ultimately, it comes down to you.

Once you accept that you are responsible for your outcome, success will be a by-product of the actions you decide to take.

Throughout my business life, I've seen countless success stories and there is one very common reason behind it. The person who achieves the level of success beyond what many others can reach is not because he/she is better educated. In fact, many dropped out of college and never even made it to university.

They find ways to turn adversities into a spectacle of success.

yes, but how?

it's simple. Their weaknesses are fuel for their burning desire to succeed. Failure was something that always encountered. They do not wish to live a life of mediocrity or just be "plain" and average.

Success belong to the person who wants it the most.

We've all heard of rags to riches stories right? - These astounding stories of how people turned their life around in record time. You see, THEY are the ingredient for success. They are the source.

Who knows, we'll agree to disagree. Or perhaps you'll understand that you can make the decision to be successful, or not.

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This article was published on 31.01.2017 by Ron S
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