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Chicken Little Rides Again

Chicken Little is at it again.

Only this time, the sky isn't falling. The Earth is burning to a crisp!

By some estimates, the ocean could rise 3 feet every hundred years for the next few centuries!

Hold the phone.

3 feet per century? And this is a global catastrophe of Biblical proportions? 

The end of life on Earth as we know it?


Whatever happens, we'll muddle through. 

There have been several such calamities (that never happened) in my lifetime already. I suppose they have to invent a new one every so often just to keep us on our toes. Such seems to be the case, anyway.

But don't rip my head off if you happen to be one of those concerned souls who accept Their crap at face value and spend most of their lives freaking out over one thing or another.

Because it doesn't really matter anymore.

If you believe the world's gonna end in 12 years, (like AOC does) I say screw it. 

Live largely, and dang the consequences. 

I am talking about living like there's no tomorrow.

Do anything that you want to try.

Who cares what you do if we're all dead in just over a decade? 

Besides, there's nothing you can do about it anyway. Even if you reduced your carbon footprint to zero, it would make no difference to the planet.

No biggie.

On the other, if you believe (as I do) that life will go on, take steps now. 

What steps?

Continue making your way the best you can. If you don't have your own business, start one today. You're gonna need all the money you can get to pay the power bill when you have to run your AC full blast 24/7.

What's that?

Do you say you don't have anything to offer? You don't know how to start a bid-niss? 

Fear not, my soon-to-be-fried friend.

When you join us, you'll know exactly how to rake in all the extra cabbage you want with your very own online marketing gig. 

When you get down to business you'll discover things that you think doesn't exist.

And you'll be sitting pretty in your bungalow overlooking your beachfront property... in Arizona.

Get the 411 here.

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This article was published on 08.10.2019 by Dave Kotecki
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