What is Now Lifestyle About?

I stumbled across Now Lifestyle doing research for some other things.  I already had confidence in Joel Therien and knew he was a strong leader, so when I realized he was at the helm I took a closer look.

I set up a free account and began listening to the videos inside.  He explained how fiber actually works inside our body when we get enough of it daily.

I had no idea that I, along with most Americans, was fiber deficient and that it would help me not be so hungry if I got enough fiber on a daily basis.

I also learned more about protein and the fact that i really wasn't getting enough of that either, and studied his videos on that subject.

He explained the benefits of his 7 minute workout routine (7-10 min) and working out only 3 times per week.

That doesn't seem like enough does it?  It actually is.

A big part of the reason is that we do a warm up set and then we do our actual working set until we can't move the weight anymore.  That means we have to experiment and find out what that weight will be and then use it for the actual one set that we do for that exercise.

It's called high intensity training.  We don't need to spend hours in the gym.  We just need to push ourselves harder for short duration stints.  

So..that's the health side of this and there is much more that is explained in the videos on the inside.  You set up a free account and you can watch these videos.

Next is the business side of Now Lifestyle.  It is a network marketing company.  The difference in this company and most I've been involved in is that they help you build your down line.  

That is HUGE.

We can invest in guaranteed paid sign ups.  I did that and still do currently when that coop is open and my commissions and down line are growing.  It is wonderful to see progress taking place.

We can also invest in paid facebook leads, meaning as Joel and his team advertise on facebook, we can invest in the coops for that advertising as well and have leads added to our email list on the inside.

As we get these leads, our responsibility is to follow up with them and offer help if they need it.

We can have access to all of this for $50 per month.  

The auto responder on the inside allows us 50,000 subscribers.  The price never goes up, even if you reach 50,000.

So, those are some of the basics of Now Lifestyle.  

If you are interested in setting up a free account,

you can go here to set it up.

Contact me with any specific questions: 256-504-7222

With Respect

Scott Moore
This article was published on 13.05.2019 by Scott Moore
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