Six Ways to Work On Your Personal Development

Today, I want to share six simple and practical ways to work on your personal development.  

I am a big believer in personal development. I believe that our businesses and relationships will only grow as much as we do. Successful people are INTENTIONAL about their personal development. They have a game-plan to improve themselves every single day. Here are a few of the things they do.

# 1 Find a Mentor

Everyone needs a mentor or coach. Find someone who has accomplished what you are trying to achieve and then humble yourself enough to listen and follow their advice.

# 2 Listen to Tapes and CDs

You can buy tapes and CDs on just about any subject. You can learn from other people in your chosen endeavor, which will definitely shorten your learning curve.

# 3 Read Books

There are millions of books in the marketplace. What I love about books is that you can spend three or four hours reading a book with advice that took someone else a lifetime to learn. That’s powerful. Make sure you set aside time every day to read.

# 4 Attend Events

Events and seminars are powerful. When you bring a group of people together, it’s amazing. Do yourself a favor and attend some events on personal development, leadership, communication and relationships. Be sure you also attend events about your chosen profession.

# 5 Reflect

Quite perhaps my best tip to work on your personal development is to spend time regularly to “reflect” on your performance and experience. Set aside an hour a week to evaluate the previous week. What did you learn? What did you do right? What could you do differently? How could you improve?

# 6 Journal

Keep a daily journal of your thoughts, progress and growth. Spend a few minutes each night before you go to bed writing down everything important about your day. This will eventually become your memoir. You will be able to look back over previous months and years and see the growth you have gone through.

Final Tip: Make sure you set aside 15-minutes each day, minimum, for your personal development. If you can spend 8 to 12 hours per day making a living, you can easily spend 15-minutes per day growing yourself.

Final Thoughts

In review, these are six ways to work on your personal development. I am a huge believer in the “slight edge” principle, which basically states that “the things we do, or don’t do, on a daily basis compound over a period of time and determine what we accomplish in life.

Any of us can change our lives significantly in just a year or two just by doing a little bit to work on our personal development each day and letting the compound effect kick in.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

About the Author

Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger, network marketing professional and treasure hunter. He lives in sunny Florida with his wife, Rachel. 

This article was published on 10.10.2018 by Chuck Holmes
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