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How to build true residual income with ACN

When I first came across ACN I was working in real estate and while I love property, the problem is that you have to keep selling property or you don't get paid. I was really looking for a way of generating a true residual income. I had been involved in a couple of network marketing businesses and very few of them actually offer true residual income. Many of them rely on new people joining your business and selling them a starter pack. 

This means you are always recruiting. The best thing about ACN is that because you are selling services, once you sign up a customer they will continue paying their bill and you will continue to be paid as long as they remain your customer. 

ACN also offers 4 ways of earning income so there are multiple ways to grow a business and develop an income that works for you. 

The other thing that I love about this business is that you can grow your business in 27 countries around the world very easily. ACN started in the US about 28 years ago, so if you want to be involved with a business with a proven track record, then this is the one for you.

The core services are mobile phone, gas, electricity and internet connections. Imagine have a mobile phone franchise at your fingertips? These days everyone has a mobile phone. In fact many people have more than one phone. So you have the opportunity to own your own mobile phone franchise for the cost of a cheap mobile phone.(AU $279).

Every independent business owner has their own online store - so this is a true ecommerce business. Simply direct your customers to your website and help them sign up their services which you can do in person, over the phone or on zoom. Once they have signed up, and start paying their bills you will receive a small commission every month they remain your customer.

If you want to see a bit more about how the business works, here is a video that gives you an overview of the opportunity: 

Feel free to contact me directly and I would be happy to share more details with you on zoom. I provide full training and support and am looking for like minded entrepreneurs to work with. If you want to generate an additional income stream or completely replace your current income, then reach out I would love to meet you.

This article was published on 09.06.2022 by Adi G
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ACN - Mobile, NBN, Electri, 250 USD to join

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