The Easy To Understand Way, To Build A Massive Team

Have you found it difficult to build a large team?

Do you want a better way?

Would you like to know how myself, and others on my team are building teams quite rapidly, with ease?

Then check out the process and steps we will use to load our sites down with visitors, and maximize signups.

Follow these same steps, and you will see results similar or exactly the same.

The Base Idea - Where To Begin

Before you even begin driving traffic and promoting, you need to have a plan in place to convert these visitors into sales and affiliate signups.

In my company we have a system that by far gets more people signed up then any other company,

The reason is, because the system will follow up with those who visit, and even build them a team for free while they "think about it"

Then a deadline is given to join or they will lose out on all the new people for the week. So this sense of urgency works well, it only needs traffic.

See How It Works Here - This Will Help Build You A Team

Now We Just Drive Traffic

Since we have an online system to help us get more sales, and close our reps for us, we can focus mostly on just getting traffic to it.

I realize many people do not have the luxury I have with a system that closes people, but none the less driving traffic increases sales.

let's look at the ways we are duplicating, and it will make sense why other team members can get results too.

#1. Craigslist - We have a template that everyone on the team uses. Why? Because it is proven to work and generate leads. Using Craigslist will get you enough leads to get signups, almost every ad.

#2. Live Prospecting - Teaching the team exactly how to prospect where you get people opting-in to the system is key. We have a procedure that works and we teach it to our team. This way the amount of prospects are increased and all those who participate in this see results.

#3. Social Media - If you teach your team how to raise curiosity instead of raising resistance, you get results from posting on social media. Most people will not do this right and will drive people away from their posts. We have a formula that teaches people to build teams for free, which is posting a specific way onto Facebook and other platforms like it.

#4. Content Creation - This one becomes the biggest profit of all. But only a handful of people on the team will use it. Creating content in the right way creates a flood of signups, but takes time. If you were to get just 3 people on your team doing it, then down the road you begin seeing 3 leaders on your team with massive teams of their own.

#5. Genealogy Leads - When you have a way for your team members to increase their income using genealogy leads, some of them will do it. We offer a way to get a lifetime of genealogy leads for no extra cost other than a small payment of just $15. This can be used by anyone in any company, so take advantage of it You can contact me here on MLM Gateway if you'd like to use this for your team's duplication too.

#6. Lead Handouts - Yes, we even do this. If a person has a small advertising budget, they must rely on direct prospecting. If a person proves they will contact leads by phone, like myself, you get more leads then you need. Just work them and build a team. By contacting the leads, the signup is passed over to the one who worked it These are leads of people who came in but did not sign up within the time frame of the systems email drip. So have this in place and you can take your serious builders to high levels.

Make It All Simple

As you see those are just 6 advantages our team has to help people duplicate. 

By having everyone point others to the tools, we see more duplication.

How to find people to point to the system is within the 6 steps above.

Now some team members have their own preferred way of pointing prospects to the system, so we let them do it their own way. If they ask for more effective ways, we teach them.

But keep it simple and teach people to point to a tool.

By relying on people to become prospecting machines, you lose a lot of people. Most can't do it.

But all can point to a system like what we have, so consider either building one for your own team, or simply testing ours out to see if it will improve your MLM career.


Here is the system that is changing the industry and building massive teams and duplication. Just take the free tour and see for yourself why this works so well and why we are seeing people on our teams duplicating.

This article was published on 19.08.2018 by Jaye Carden
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