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Hate Recruiting?

Over the years, I have been an active member of a couple of MLMs without being able to make much money. I have tried recruiting through my friends and family, classified ads, lead generation services and was able to bring on board a number of people. But was it worth my time and cost? No way. I was burnt out.

But I love learning and connecting with friends. So, I started watching a company until I felt like it was time to jump in. This company is called The Frega Collective (TFC).

The Frega Collective is not a MLM company we are a technology (fintech) company that provides access to a growing set of business tools (apps) that have a wide range of ways they can be accessed and used to facilitate how people/businesses can trade what they are looking to trade - with the value proposition being that our apps are cost effective, efficient and easy to implement.

Businesses, organizations and other people who join The Frega Collective earn money because the collective shares 85% of its revenue with its members. Earnings are not based on recruiting or building a team (the way most MLMs are set up). Earnings are not dependent on how many people we can recruit. However, TFC earnings like most things in life, are determined by how involved we become in the system. Much of our earnings will be dependent on how well we use the services and make them work for us.

All of TFC services are at a reduced cost from what most businesses are currently paying. And in fact, our members share the money paid for the services, turning a cost into a profit center.

One example of the type of business services we provide is our payment gateway, Frega. Frega stands for Freedom, Global, Abundance because we are developing the Frega app that will bring financial services to billions of unbanked and under-banked people throughout the world.

Paypal charges astronomical fees that many cannot afford. Frega transaction fees are FREE. How can TFC offer such low cost services? Because we don’t have any employees, buildings, headquarters, etc. All members use their own home as their office and are very content doing so.

Join The Frega Collective for FREE and start earning from 10 active tables. Yes, you start earning from 10 different links! As soon as you join, you become part of TFC family.

Say goodbye to recruiting FOREVER!

Here is the link to my Something2Trade store (TFC ecommerce service) where you can join:

TFC is a big time no brainer. Don’t put this off…Do not be left behind!

I will help you every step of the way...

All my best,

Vivian Eisenecher, The Frega Collective Mentor

This article was published on 15.03.2018 by Vivian Eisenecher
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The Frega Collective - business services, Free to join

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