Combining Several Strategies Into One Common Goal - Works At Getting You Signups

If there is one thing I have learned over the years of network marketing, it is to never lose momentum once you have gained it.

Getting the momentum going may seem to some as hard to accomplish, but I assure you it's not.

The hardest part is keeping it.

That's why today, I am sharing with you several strategies to combine, into one common goal. This is to create the momentum you need.

So if you are in need of signups, this is how you do it. But, whatever you do; once you start you can not slow down or stop for any period of time until your team is duplicating!

Why Combine Strategies?

It takes a lot in network marketing, to get a little.

You need as many strategies in place working for you ads possible.

This helps create the leads you need, and the prospects you need.

If all strategies point to the same opportunity (not several different things), you will begin seeing the power of speed.

Success loves speed, so you need to create it.

Make your plan, and attack it without letting up.

Plan Your Steps

Once you begin combining the strategies I list below, you need a plan to convert as many of them into buyers as possible.

For example, you need time to make calls to the leads you get phone numbers from.

You need time to write emails and build follow up series.

Combining the strategies will get you leads like crazy, but converting them is more time you need to find.

So keep in mind, you do not want to overdo it, or you'll get leads with no way to truly work them to their full potential.

The Strategies

Here are the strategies I use to build my own network marketing business.

Combining these create massive lead flow, and phone calls are important to convert a higher amount of them.

These are mine, you can use them too, or add some of your own.

Craigslist - Using a template that has been tested and converts extremely well, I generate about 50 -100 leads per ad, per month. Size of city depends on lead amount. Ads run me anywhere from $7 a piece up to $35 a piece. I have ran up to 4 or 5 a week at times. Some leads signup on their own, some I convert through conversation.

Text Ads - Using MLM Gateway's advertising platform has been very useful. I will run campaigns here and get massive lead flow, and even direct and instant signups. It may be the best at getting the highest interested leads I ever get. 

Solo Ads - Solo ads are great to use when I need just a little more progress to hit a new goal in business. Solo ads can be cheap leads, but effective. There is never a certain on the lead amount, but I have seen as little as 30 leads for $80, and up to over 100 leads for $40. Pop solos in on a regular basis, or for the extra bump. I sometimes increase solo ads at the end of the month to try and close the month with bonuses.

Social Media - For me, using social media, I just post, and message. I am not running ads on the platforms, but may change that when the profits are higher and can be combined with all my current strategies. Social media is a hit and miss for me. If I am active on a platform, I see leads. When I get busy elsewhere and slow down, I see less. So using software to post for me is very helpful.

Blogging - Having my own blog has been very big at getting the highest buyers coming in. Usually those who are coming in from my blog content, purchase the highest packages, and stay the longest on the team. Even duplicate a little more then others. Blogging is something I try to do as often as I can, and continue placing new posts online.

Videos - I use these in my blogs, but also get a lot of leads coming from Youtube. One video can be useful in several places. So continue putting up new videos and as your channel gains steam, you gain more leads. Also, include them into content to help your content get more results.

Articles - Writing articles on other platforms (like this) is a very powerful way for a new person writing content to get some exposure. I like to write on several platforms to get members from those platforms onto my team. Make it a habit to load new content everyday on other platforms that allow it. 

Genealogy Leads - Having a slow day? If I want to get a few more prospects into my day, and having either a slow lead day, or just want it to be more productive, I pick up my genealogy leads and get to prospecting. Genealogy leads are much better then bizopp leads. Talking to people who know, like and trust the network marketing industry, is much easier then those who believe everything's a scam.

Here is how you get a lifetime of genealogy leads, and not have to spend money on them over and over again. It's what I use to keep people signed up!

How Do You Find Time To Work These Leads?

With all those strategies above, you may wonder how I am able to work the leads and call every single one of them.

First, using the paid advertising such as MLM Gateway, Craigslist and solo ads, I only spend a few minutes setting them up. So it leaves plenty of time to call leads.

Social media and content are different. These usually take a lot of time. So I like to blog and work on videos at night when it's too late to make calls.

I assign a few days a week to call the leads. Using software to speed up the process. I can leave message, text, and be calling the next person in seconds. Usually those days are mostly spent on the phone.

So, if you plan it out, and focus on setting the time aside among your schedule, you can do this.

Did This Help?

If you got some ideas or benefit from reading this, please leave a comment below and let me know. I appreciate all comments.

Also, if we are not connected on MLM Gateway yet, send me over a connection request here, and I will be sure to accept it and we can continue sharing value on this platform.

P.S Want to have me building a downline for you? Take this short, free tour and grab a free spot for me to build a downline for you. If you like it, keep it. Put my customers towards your own commissions.

This article was published on 06.11.2018 by Jaye Carden
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