Reverse Prospecting to Get More Leads

Reverse prospecting to get more leads. That’s what I want to talk about today. This is the process of prospecting people who prospect you. I have found this method to be very effective over the past five years, if you do it correctly.

Let’s face it, the average person gets bombarded with marketing messages hundreds of times per day through the phone, email, television, radio, magazines, publications, mail, internet and countless other media. 

As a smart marketer, you can reply to many of these marketing messages offering your own product, service or business opportunity. Here are a few examples just to put it in perspective.

Examples of Reverse Prospecting

# 1 You see a business card on the bulletin board at your local grocery store, so you collect it, and then call or email the person several days later to see if they might be interested in an additional income stream.

# 2 You get an email (heck, you probably get 50-100 like these daily) promoting an opportunity or way to make money online, so you respond with a “I’ll pass for now because I am doing great with my current opportunity” and you attach a link to your capture page in the email.

# 3 You get called by a telemarketer. You listen briefly but tell them you are not interested. You let them know they did a great job on the call and they are exactly the type of person you are looking for to help you expand your business. You give them your capture page URL on the phone and tell them to check it out at their convenience.

# 4 You read the classified section in a magazine or publication promoting a business opportunity. You respond by telling the person you like their ad, and respect their hustle, and if they ever get unhappy with their current opportunity, you might have something they would be interested.

# 5 You create a great email signature that gets attached to all of your emails and you respond to every single email that hits your inbox or spam folder, even with a simple “no thank you” message. Each of the recipients gets your email and sees your email signature. Some check it out.

# 6 You receive a postcard in the mail pitching you on a business opportunity. You send your own postcard to the person who sent you theirs!

# 7 Someone doing door to door sales knocks on your door to sell you something. You listen briefly for a minute or two and tell them you are not interested. You then tell them they are great at what they do and if they ever want a new career in sales, they can check out your website.

Final Thoughts

If you did reverse prospecting with even a small percentage of the people who shared their marketing messages with you each day, I believe you could easily expose your products and business to 20-100 people per day. How cool would that be? How much growth would that create in your own business?

About the Author

Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger, top recruiter and successful MLM Rep.

This article was published on 21.08.2018 by Chuck Holmes
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sammy badaki Hi Chuck, how about I employ the tactic on you. But seriously, this a great piece. I concur with everything you said and practice the same. Check out  2 years ago
James Wilder that's an interesting concept, i like it thanks, james wilder  2 years ago
Jaye Carden There you go Chuck! Great tips and advice for getting more people to look into your business. We should always be prospecting more and more, as often as possible.  2 years ago

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