TA-65 why it helps you live longer and how you can get it!!

TA-65: what is it?

TA-65 is a molecule that was found to repair and lengthen shortenened Telomeres.

Telomeres are the caps on the ends of your DNA  and are the key to why you age. Think the little plastic caps on the ends of your shoe laces and how, over time, they get damaged and fray.

This happens to the millions of cells in your DNA. When the caps or telomeres are damaged, shortened and disappear the cell dies or can no longer replicate, the answer to the age old question of AGEING.

TA-65 seeks out these damaged DNA cells and repairs and lengthens them back to their original length!

It won't make them longer than the original length, so no Benjamin Button scenarios but it is the closest thing on the market to the Fountain of Youth available TODAY.

The science around this technology won a NOBEL prize.

Why , am I telling you about this today?

Jeunesse Global has exclusive rights to this technology in it's product FINITI which is changing lives around the world and more in depth information on this is here in this 12 min episode of Longevity TV


This product along with others has seen Jeunesse break DSA and MLM records around the world in just 6 short years! We became the fastest ever MLM to reach $1 billion annual sales in 2015 (up there with likes of Apple and Google both traditional business models) and that is on track to double in 2016.

We have just become the ONLY MLM and $1billion company to feature in the Inc 500, a list of the top 10% fastest growing privately owned companies taken from the Inc. 5000. We are in 125 countries but still at ground floor level in many).

We cover the top 5 categories of MLM most popular products, skin care, anti ageing, health and wellness, weight management and energy drinks, all natural and organic certified and collectively known as our "Youth Enhancement System" so there is a breadth and depth that offers something for everyone.

We offer longevity and the company has proven longevity with massive growth still ahead of it! Because the products work, our customers develop an emotional attachment to them so order again and again.

Our moto is "One Team, One family, One Jeunesse"

If this interests you and you would like to have this product in YOUR business along with several other ground breaking products, please get in touch and I will present you our full business opportunity, I look forward to hearing from you!

Stephanie Park

This article was published on 09.09.2016 by Stephanie Park
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