how to build your email list from scratch

How to Build Your Email List

Landing pages are among the most well-known ways to build your email list. They are page(s) whose only purpose is to do one task: to do one thing be it a sales, a freebie, or whatever on the website where they appear. If you are requesting a visitor's email address through a form, you are usually offering something called a "content upgrade".

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Landing pages are not just easy to use. It is very important to have good ones. However, when you are asking for the email addresses, you need to make sure that the content on those pages will get their attention and that it is worth the effort. This means that they should be informative and valuable.

First, it is important that your landing pages should offer something for the visitors to buy or opt-in to your email list. This could either be a discount, or a freebie. The discount can be either in the form of a trial offer or a special offer. The freebie, which is often called a prize, can be either in the form of a free product or a free newsletter. A good page should also offer some sort of incentive for the visitor who opt-in, such as a prize for signing up.

When it comes to the free stuff, make sure that it is worthy. You don't have to give the visitor a free product if the visitor just came to your landing page to ask for a freebie. Give the visitor something useful and valuable, such as a newsletter, and at the same time make sure that it is something that the visitor would want to purchase later.

Visitors don't always have time to read through your entire website. Therefore, having an opt-in form that is short and sweet and shows only one piece of information the name of the person you want to inform will increase the chances of visitors clicking the link. Of course, this is especially true if it is the first form that they see when they come to your website. In fact, visitors can be forgiven for immediately clicking it if the page is too long, because they may only be looking for information about the form itself.

Aside from this, landing pages are also best used to sell products. This way, you can have a freebie for every visitor that opts-in. or purchases your products.

In addition, if you are offering your visitors a freebie, do this by having the landing page's title link to the homepage of your website or blog. You can then use these links to direct them to your home page or other pages that you need them to visit. This is a good way of establishing trust between you and your visitors.

In order to build your email list, your landing pages should have other ways of attracting new visitors to your site, so that you can continually drive traffic to your pages without having to work on building your email list. In fact, traffic is your best friend in driving traffic, because it is the lifeline of your email marketing campaign.

Therefore, one of the key elements of a successful email campaign involves making sure that your website and blog contain enough information that visitors would want to read and understand. In addition, your landing pages should be well designed and properly coded, with informative content that is easy to read.

Finally, your landing page should have a link to your opt-in form where visitors can sign up and receive more information about your business and services. This will enable them to keep on coming back to your site for more information and services from you.

There are also other ways on how to build your email list, but these are the most important ones. So, go ahead and explore those and make sure that you are doing your best for your online marketing success!

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This article was published on 16.09.2020 by Richard Murphy
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