You Are A Person Of Immense Value!

Who Are You?

Can you answer this all important question honestly for yourself with conviction and clarity?

I will like to announce to you that you a Person of Immense Value- which is the subject of today's blog.

There are a lot of people who are not living life to the fullest or too fearful of failing just because they do

not realise how valuable or how loaded and equipped they are to achieve anything they set their mind to


Let me remind you here and now with the following truths-

  • You are person of immense value it doesn't matter who you are and what life has thrown at you. 
  • It does not matter what your gender, sexuality,beliefs, religion, skin colour, body frame , 
  • or physical challenges or handicaps, you a valued member of the human race. 
  • You are uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made. 
  • You are here by design to make a difference and to be ALL you are can possibly be. 
  • You have ALL the resources with and out of you to be All you created to be 

To be who YOU are created to be-

  • you must know who you are as a person, 
  • what is your internal make up, 
  • what resonates with you and 
  • how do you see yourself. 
  • discover who you are 
  • develop your gifts and
  •  deplore such gifts to provide value to humanity 

Your progress in life and how far you go towards your desired goal is critically determined

by your sub conscious understanding of who you really are and how YOU feel about yourself and 

towards your outcomes. 

At this point I will like to share a life story with you in a video that may inspire you and 

encourage you to see yourself in a different way, you may NOT have seen yourself in the past or present- 

Life Story- Watch Video Here Now

Your ability to discover who you are at an early stage in life will determine how successful and how quickly you reach your desired goals and dreams . 

There are legitimate short cuts in life to get you our destinations-

  • called life helps 
  • and tools 
and your consciousness of such shortcuts are critical to you outcomes.

Check out these daily shortcuts by clicking the link below-


How to build a business and having life at the same time. 


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This article was published on 25.08.2016 by Dr Oladimeji Afolabi
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