How To Generate Massive Leads For Your MLM Business Quickly

Recently I have been generating massive amounts of leads for my own MLM business.

Many people ask how I am doing it, so I figured it would be a great idea for a business announcement.

So, I will share with you what I am doing to generate about 50 leads a day, some days much more than that.

You can implement this into your own business if you wish, but be sure to have your plan in place before you start bringing in the new eyeballs!

The Set Up

With my business, I simply need to just push traffic to a video and landing page.

I have a system that is closing those leads into actual affiliates/reps or downline members.

So I focus on just promoting a single page, and it has made it super easy to implement.

If you do NOT have a funnel, landing page, or a good website that actually captures names, emails and phone numbers...


Using a replicated website from most MLM companies will result in a lot of traffic, but no leads or so little it will not spin a profit. Make sure you have a good landing page LIKE THIS ONE FIRST (this is my actual page that generates massive leads)

How To Generate The Leads

Now it is a matter of just using some strategies to get traffic to the page.

Here is my list of strategies I use that are working well:

CRAIGSLIST & CLASSIFIEDS - What is easier than this? Using classified ads, paid version, will generate a lot of leads it's first week. I leave them up for 30 days and renew them when the time is up. I add a new city every other day, sometimes every day consistently when I can. 

You can also add a ton of free classified ads if you have a lot of time to do so. It never hurts to continue adding new ads and placing more and more into various classified sites.

SOLO ADS - I use a vendor that is slightly more in cost, plus randomly test out others. I have one solo every week for 200 clicks, and one monthly for 300 clicks (500+ clicks last week of month). Including this strategy has been huge at getting instant signups and generating a lot of leads.

BLOGGING - I have my own blog that I add new generic content to on a regular basis. I always promote my new content even though it does not promote my MLM business. Getting a lot of traffic and signals to it can help it rank in the search engines, and more visitors mean more people "subscribing" as email leads, and clicking on my banners that turn them into MLM leads (most serious prospects come from this strategy).

VIDEOS - Including videos into my blog content, and random videos for Youtube help a lot. Consider using videos and do not get discouraged by the amount of competition. It's best to keep videos going up, regardless if others have them.

ARTICLES - This Business Announcement will generate a few leads as well. I spent very little time writing it, and I get credits to run ads on MLM Gateway as well. So this is like getting two results for one. Plus using several other article hosting sites will increase the amount of leads by a large number.

SOCIAL MEDIA - Not my biggest producer yet, but still works from time to time. I have Twitter automated so it can bring leads in without my need to be there. I do plan on using more social media and building a large following with several sites.

Right now, Linkedin has been my largest provider of getting actual reps into my business. Using their groups have been amazing. Consider looking at using Linkedin, because it's worth the upfront work it takes.

More To Come

I will continue using the same strategies for as long as they continue to work.

I will be using several more that I've been working on, so I will be letting you know as soon as they are live.

Just the ones above keep my phone ringing and me busy, so it takes time to get new strategies up and running without neglecting the ones already in place.

Look forward to sharing some of these once I get some results with them!

Let's Connect On MLM Gateway!

If you get value from my business announcements, please send me a connection request.

You will be notified by email when I share new strategies and their results.

Also, I will for sure accept your connection request so you do not waste a credit on a dead account.

Shoot that request to connect NOW!

P.S If you want to get paid on my massive lead generation and results when I get them in, then take a free tour of my downline. You will see for yourself I am not making it up, and can even make this success as your own! Learn more on the tour!

This article was published on 16.05.2018 by Jaye Carden
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Guy Harduf Nice and easy, the number one rule is to do things rather than just know what you need to do. :)  1 year ago

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