Why Would Someone Join You If You Have No Success Yet?

One of the biggest challenges of network marketing, is the fact you have no success when you first get started.

All of us have heard the excuse "I'll join it if you ever start making money with it" and of course that leads you to making no money.

What came first? The Chicken or the egg? 

That's how it becomes because no one will join you due to no success, and you need them to join to get the success. 

Just how can we overcome this challenge?

The Solution

The truth is, the solution is right at your fingertips in this business announcement.

There is no "secret" way to get success and people joining you when you have no success to offer them.

But, there is a way, and I am going to share it with you.

It's actually found in cold market. Not warm market.

Very few people will have success with warm market, so expect to build your success with cold market. Read on to find out why.

Warm Market Knows You.. That May NOT Be Good

Let's face it, the people who know us, may be the disadvantage of it.

They seen us fail at other things, quit school for some of us, they heard us say stupid things, etc.

This prevents them from believing we have something good. Or that we will one day have lots of success.

So by just letting your warm market know you are building a business is the right step, not trying to pitch them constantly.

Just plant the seed in their mind, and if they show interest, get them to a presentation with your upline. NEVER EVER try to explain the opportunity to them on the spot or you'll lose them.

So How Is Cold Market The Key?

Cold market does not know you.

When they hear you on the phone for the first time, their first impression is...

This person must be really a hard worker and successful or else they would not be calling me and brave.

From my own experience, once I began calling other network marketers and introducing myself to them, they later admitted to me they assumed I was doing big things in the industry. 

They had refused every opportunity their friends presented to them, but not to me. 

Do you see how this works?

Cold market assumes you are already successful, just like you do sometimes when another marketer calls you.

Because only the successful are brave enough to make cold calls, right? Well only the ones brave enough to make calls, become the successful.

No Comfort In 2018

Remember, if you are comfortable with what you are doing to build your business, you now know why you aren't seeing any growth.

You HAVE to become uncomfortable in every step to be successful in this industry, and all other industries as well.

Make calls, shoot videos, write content, speak to strangers, etc. 

Those who are not scared of what others will say or think about them, will be the most successful in life period.

Need People To Talk To Who Love Opportunities?

The fastest way to build is to speak to those who have proven they like MLM.

They understand it and do not try to avoid it on most cases.

You can now set yourself up in 2018 with the help of MLM RECRUIT ON DEMAND

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This article was published on 02.01.2018 by Jaye Carden
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Jaye Carden Thanks Samantha! I am glad you came by and enjoyed it!  2 years ago
Samantha Johnson Love this! Thanks for your insight.   2 years ago

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