The Secret to Endless Energy

Here are some things you can start doing right away to boost your energy levels:

• Start seeking out more fruits and vegetables

• Acknowledge the times you feel most tired and let yourself rest

• Avoid the activities that leave you feeling exhausted

• Remove small stresses from your routine

• Invest in a daylight lamp

• Get minimalist shoes

• Spend more time outdoors

• Supplement with vitamin D

• Treat sleep as sacred

• Have a warm bath before bed

• Use HIIT training

• Use training you enjoy

• Reduce your fast carbs If you do just these things, then you'll start enjoying more energy in everything you do and you'll find your whole life is transformed as a result. The world has more color when you're not exhausted all the time

The Slow Carb Diet

Eat fewer carbs. Carbs are our worst culprit because they spike the blood sugar which results in a release of insulin, causing the body to then start removing the energy from the blood.

This gives us a sudden surge of energy but then a trough once all that energy has been used or stored as fat. The worst culprit for this is 'fast carbs'.

Fast carbs are the simple carbs with a high glycemic index and are usually the ones that taste sugary. Cake, chocolates, sweets, white bread, white pasta, and potatoes are all 'fast carbs' and will leave you quickly feeling low on energy.

Slow carbs with a low GI – such as rye bread, sweet potatoes and vegetables – are much better at releasing energy slowly throughout the day for us to use. Likewise, so too are fats such as butter, coconut oil (which also gives us ketones – another source of energy for the body), avocado, meats etc.

These are higher in calories (9 per gram, versus 4 for carbs) but they release that energy slower allowing us to avoid an energy peak and trough. In a slow carb diet then you eat fewer simple carbs – less bread, less sugar, less cake – more complex carbs and more protein.

Protein is also very important because it's what our body uses to repair itself and to rebuild our muscle after a workout. Fueling your body with a protein is another way to avoid overtraining and to develop a lean and toned physique.

Nutrition And finally, another crucial goal for an energy-focused diet is to be highly nutritious. That means ensuring that everything you eat provides some nutritional value. 'Empty' carbs are your enemy while superfoods are your ultimate ally. Fruits are fast carbs but they should be the exception to that rule as they're just so packed with goodness.

Organic meats are also incredibly good for you, as are eggs and fish.

Why does all this matter? Because vitamins and minerals can boost just about every aspect of your health and particularly your energy. Get more omega 3 fatty acid and your cells will communicate better, get more creatine and your body will be able to recycle ATP for more energy, get more vitamin C and you'll keep a healthy immune system that doesn't get ill, get iron and your body will have more oxygen and fuel for long runs, get more zinc and you'll have more testosterone which speeds up your metabolism, get more CoQ10 and your mitochondria will perform better, get more vitamin B6 and you'll get more energy from your food, get more magnesium and you'll sleep better…

The list goes on. And sure, you can get this stuff from supplements but it will do much better if you get it from a full and healthy diet.

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This article was published on 20.11.2021 by Paul Thacker
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