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Ok, You have to know that there are changes happening with out currency. Right? It has been changing for a while now. Back in the day a dollar use to be a lot of money. 

We have went from trading and bartering, to coins such as gold, silver and copper, to paper money and plastic now digital.  Wow that is a long journey and each time we had to learn how it worked. The digital currency is no difference. The more you know the more you grow. Do you all remember that statement I don't remember who said it, However I know it was not me. 

Cryptocurrency has been around since 2010. In fact the first purchase was a pizza from Papa John's for 10,000 BTC. Had the recipient held on to them until today they would be worth more than $300 million . Not a bad profit.  

You may be wondering what does cryptocurrency can do for you. Some may be thinking that it is just a faze and will end soon. I am here to tell you it is not a faze it is here to stay. Also it can help you do so much.  Did you know you can be your own bank control your own money? How about earing more that just pennies on $1000.00 try up to 12-30% a year depending on the currency it self. 

You can use cryptocurrency to trade, purchase high end products such as cars and fine art or your everyday  products. You can just  be a holder and store it in what they call a wallet. These  wallets have two different types a centralized or decentralized. One you are not in control of your money but the other you are in total control of your money with the highest security.  there is also something called a hard wallet this looks like a flash drive which you can take your crypto and keep with you in a safe. Again total control. 

Get this you can even convert it back into regular money. Crypto currency even have it's own ATM machines to either buy more crypto or take tangible money in pocket.  These are just some of the things you can do with cryptocurrency.  It is definitely  worth learning more about the Bitcoin and others. 

There are a lot of place where you can go and get the education you need to build a better future for you and your family. The question then becomes which one is the best educational tool out. Well that's were  Bitlocity comes in. Bitlocity is a membership based educational platform with matrix  attached to it to help the members create an income while learning about cryptocurrency.  

I will not tell you all of the benefits Bitlocity has to offer it is way to many to list. Instead I will invite you to click the link below and listen to the presentation. This way you can make a good sound decision from what you hear and see.  so without further ado here is the link

Watch then register. We will speak soon. Have a prosperous day 

Thank you for your time

This article was published on 06.07.2021 by Tracy Carter
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