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Pre-launch of Bitcoin in Bitcoin Out Io Global

From Geoffrey Musera, greetings, 

I am introducing a novel use of Bitcoin for business. Using a Groupon platform, a new company called is pre-launching globally. With over 950 pre-registrants as of May 1st and counting, you may now reserve your position.

The company was founded in Dubai and had more than 100 offices worldwide at launch. The company, which offers tech, travel, precious metals, precious stones, diamonds, business services, and nutritional products, is similar to Groupon. The business will offer an interchange wallet that converts fiat money into bitcoin and vice versa, making it the most user-friendly and best in the business.

What Priceline is to travel, Alibaba is to wholesale, and Amazon is to retail, Bitcoin In Bitcoin Out will be to all three. You can sign up for a 100% free membership to start earning rapid start bitcoin incentives worth $50 to $1000. Two tiers of 50% matching, infinite Infinity width incentives will be awarded to qualified members.

All users can begin at the free level, and work their way up to a 1-star or 10-star level, with a 1-star maximum at $5,000 each week in Bitcoin. Other options include a 2 star, 3 star, $15,000, 4 star, $20,000, 5 star, $25,000, 6 star, $50,000, 7 star, $100,000, 8 star, $250,000, 9 star, $5000, and 10 star Bitcoin. Despite their seeming size, these figures are quite achievable with the Groupon Platform.

Since the self-replicated sites are still under development, you will need my information in order to register. You can recommend new members by sending them the link and sharing your name and email address.

Get $20 in cryptocurrency by sharing with three new members.

Register in advance HERE!:

Name: Geoffrey Musera


Note: Email links are used to connect everyone.

You will witness a Powerline, a Uni-Level, a Binary, and a unique 2up system when the corporate website launches.

You will receive a 100% match on the first two and a 50% match on the remaining ones until infinite deep.

There's a weekly earning possibility of $1000 to $1 million with this amazing opportunity.

Move quickly. Settle in now, since the business is expanding every day.

Pre-Register Here:

Name: Geoffrey Musera


Bitcoin Out will win the title of Disruptive Company of the Decade in 2024.

Don't pass up the opportunity to sign up and reserve your position. Don't delay; hurry up.

Send me a brief email saying, "I'm in"

WhatsUp +254774456940 (Green World Hospitality Consultants)

"Let's Help More People to Earn More Bitcoin"

This article was published on 08.05.2024 by Geoffrey Musera
Author's business opportunity:

21stNetwork - Bitcoin Global, Free to join

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