Can a Travel Agent make some money?! and my story

Can a Travel Agent make some money?!

If you’re wondering how can you become a travel agent without someone making fun of what a waste of time that home based business idea is, you’re not alone. I’ve searched high and low for deals in order to outsmart the competition online and sorting through the different strategies that no one bothers to teach you. I’ve been involved in the travel industry since 2011 and it was exciting at first, however then it just became so draining and of course I didn’t have the funds to purchase my own IATA card in order to earn more income as an Travel Agent.

About a month ago I ran into someone I know and they knew how much I enjoyed travel. I said no please don’t tell me about becoming a serious travel agent right now I just search tickets for myself and occasionally help family members. It’s just embarrassing when they find it online for the same price or sometimes cheaper. 

I took the time and view the link because what did I have to lose…although I earn decent amount of money at work I am miserable! So I gave in and listen to that small voice and decided to view the link…I must say I was impressed. Not only it EXACTLY what I was looking for I will be part of the beginning stages of this exciting company. If the Taxi companies are being taken over by Uber why can someone do the same for airline industry!


While I was a little girl I've witnessed a lot within my "home". It didn't feel like home that's why I did the quotations. I had a constant fear of when my mother was going to get beat up like a punching bag while being awaken by my step father. This made me angry! I was only 8 years old and frail; however I stood up to this monster and repeatedly reminded him he was hurting my mother and to stop it now! Every time this happened he just stared at me and walked away. I managed to grab my mother by the hand and tucked her in my bed and made sure this monster didn't get her.

Later I married and had kids and although my ex husband didn't physically hurt me he did managed to mentally abused me and my kids. After 12 years of marriage I divorced him. I said enough. I've learned abused comes in many forms...sexual, mentally, physically, verbally, just to name a few. I didn't get to live my childhood years... I've raised my kids alone and now I managed to rebuild my life...but I want more...I want to be able to BREATH AGAIN!  

Perhaps you have never experienced being abused which makes you extremely fortunate;however you may know someone who has. I want to help others breath plan is open up a center in the future. 

First thing first I want to build my EMPIRE! Come join me!

My new year will be so exciting and I can’t wait to dive in fully!

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This article was published on 21.11.2016 by Ride Share Gig
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Home Travel Agent - Travel Network, 98 USD to join

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