Now's Your Time To Shine

Hello Friends

In these trying times, we all have problems or so we think, what's your problem today?

Sometimes problems are only opportunities waiting to be birthed. 

As you well know there's a virus going around that's creating problems for most of us.

Now the downhearted or pessimist look upon problems with a negative as if to say Oh-O, I can't work it out.

The Optimist looks at the same problem and says how can I work it out.

Today we're going to help some of you with your problem, why? I'm glad you asked.

Money is not everything but it's right up there with oxygen, meaning we need it to survive.

Boom, in comes where we step in, homeowner advocates 4 you.  Who are we?

We are the answer to many so-called problems,  which we look upon as being opportunities to help people

through these hard times.  Would a little more money help You?  Why do I get the feeling you said yes?

I'll tell you why, if you're not wealthy, rich, or financially free from burdens that hold you back then you could use a fantastic opportunity right?  Right! Boy, I'm on a roll today with these questions and answers.  So now here comes what you've been waiting for an answer to the big questions.

What are you talking about? Is that or is that not your big question right about now.

Ok, you don't have to admit it,  I'm going to answer it anyway. Lol

We are homeowner advocates 4 you a business that is now offering you an opportunity of a lifetime.

We're homeowner advocates 4 you, we'll pay you to text or call warm leads. 

How does $300 per converted call or text sound, whichever is easiest for you?

Work from home. Join our Team. Contact Us.

That's only the beginning, we give raises every closed on lead,  nope, not the fifty cent raise some of you

get on your pay checks which are now probably on hold because of this pandemic.

We pay you $300 on converted calls meaning when your lead is used and we can close a deal because

of it, boom you've earned $300 and a $50 raise every lead thereafter we can close on.  Are you guys hearing or reading me? There hasn't been an opportunity like this since the assembly line,  and the work isn't as hard.

This is a gold mine and we're showing you where the gold is. Now's your time to shine.

The warm leads are people that need your/ our service, for instance, we call them motivated sellers

 a motivated seller is a person that needs to sell their home for one reason or another, not just wants to sell.  Did you get that?

Let me say it again a motivated seller is a person that needs to sell their home not want to sell their home.

The irony of it is we have thousands of them waiting on someone to step up and say can we help.

During this pandemic, there are going to be people that need help, We're not here to take someones

home,  we're here to help with their problem. We can help them with an income coming in. We can help them

with credit repair. We can help them with that mortgage. We could go on and on about how we can

help, but I have a fantastic idea. Why don't you check us out and find out how you can help us help them

and get paid a great amount for doing it. Yes we need you and they (homeowners) need us.

Hey, I almost forgot, the training is free, you can be a caller if you like or if you're like me and don't like

talking on the phone much,  you can be a texter and still earn unlimited cash.

Well if I haven't convinced you yet to join us and make a ton of money while staying at home saving lives,

then I think I'll just quit and leave our link again and hope you take advantage of this fantastic offer,

The balls in your court, you can be a super star at anytime you want. 

Here's the link again, stay safe and be blessed. 

Contact Us and thank you ahead of time for your consideration, remember a problem is an opportunity waiting to happen.

Best Regards

This article was published on 07.04.2020 by Rudolph Wilson
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Homeowner Advocates 4 You - Real-Estate, Free to join

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