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By Tasha Lewis

The ICC Group, (ICC, ICC Group, International Connections Consulting) began as an educational advising company in 1994. We have provided counsel to individuals locally and internationally. Our focus is on empowering them to be their best self or organization or both. We know firsthand how important it is to have access to critical and timely resources that help us reach our short and long term goals.

The ICC Group provides this counsel via the internet and on their resource page.  Some projects are handled on site or in-person per prearranged meetings in select locations; however, most counsel is done online (email, hangouts, skype, social media, text, and web, etc.).   

The company participates in various community service and volunteer programs on and offline around the globe. The staff has access to expertise in most fields.  


“Knowledge is Power.”

The ICC Group seeks to make this quote a way of life.  By empowering individuals and organizations with the great counsel and resources that provide them with the right contacts, expertise and information that can allow them to change the world and make a difference, our organization will be a “Change Agent.”  Change Agents are individuals and organizations who encourage, motivate and support others to be their best self.  No matter what their vocation or calling is they need to be given a vision for their Life Purpose.  Our company desires to facilitate this process.  



Educational Advising




As we strive to rebrand and reinvent our company, we will create a Tuition Reimbursement Program Portal that is self-service and a la carte.   Each current and new staff will use the online portal or company resources during their company training periods or free time.  Apps will be made available on various devices for their family’s use.  Guidelines will be offered on and off line.  To learn more about The ICC Group, visit our social media pages Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  (See Case Studies in Human Resources  The ICC Group is working on funding the project.  We have applied for different sources of funding (awards, contest, crowdfunding, donations, contracts, etc.) Working on a 90% ownership of invention idea/patent and cases have already started. Phd related course work starts in January 2017 (which will improve my research skills and open the door to tenure if Ms. Lewis chooses it). Most of the pre-research is completed. My agent training will allow me to remain competitive in the educational advising arena. Within a few years, I will be trained in all areas. The international higher education market is a billion dollar industry and can allow most markets to weather the many storms that may come after the election. I wish these agent training course were available when I first started out. I would have been a more well-rounded and multicultural adviser who had a stronger connection with my clients (education institutions, parents, and students). The upcoming publications will provide additional revenue streams, especially the TRPP Manual and the funding booklet, which will save companies millions (billions) in revenue.

This article was published on 23.08.2019 by Tasha Lewis
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