How To Get Your Blog On Page 1 Of Google Searches (I just got my new post there)

If you are a content creator like myself, you know the importance of getting your content on the top page of Google search engine.

When you do this, a ton of organic, high converting traffic comes flooding into your blog.

If you don't have your own blog, you can use articles like what you create here on MLM Gateway, or Linkedin.

But, if you have content to promote, this business announcement will show you how to get your content to the top page of Google, yahoo, Bing and many more search engines.

It Starts With Research

If you want to get your post to the top, you may be able to instantly.

It all depends on the keyword you are trying to rank.

If you find a keyword that is not producing content with the keyword in the title, or very few of them, you can take advantage of this and use the keyword in the title of your content.

This is one way to get a few lower searched keywords ranked quicker, and begin pulling in some organic traffic to give your content authority.

Using The Keyword

Now when you write the content, you must use the keyword in your title somehow, and use it throughout the content itself a few times.

You would also want to use some of the "related keywords" in your content. Related keywords are keywords similar to the one your trying to rank for. Sometimes, you rank for those this way.

Here are basic tips for keyword usage:

  • Include keyword in title
  • Include keyword a few times in content
  • Include related keywords as well in content
  • Include video with keyword in title (create the video for best results)
  • Load images to your computer and rename them to the keyword and related keywords you are attempting to rank for
  • Include keywords in your tags, and related keywords
Make sure you do not OVERDO it, too many keywords looking like spam will get your content disqualified forever.

IMPORTANT: If you use any links in your content, be sure they are "nofollow" links. Using a link that is a follow link will result in the bots leaving your content and giving authority more to what you linked to.


You need places across the internet that link back to your content.

These are called backlinks. And you want a good mixture of "nofollow" links and "follow" links.

The more places you can place your link the better, 

The more related to your content the content you linked from is, the better.

DO NOT use bad sites, or unrelated sites to link from. This will give your content a bad ranking.

You can purchases tools to help with this process, as it is the hardest part in my opinion.

Work on finding people who are willing to exchange links back and forth with you, this may help get you a few good ones.

Social Shares

Be sure to post your content on all social media platforms, and bookmarking sites.

When you post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, you need to get as many of these posts to get some love thrown at them.

The more Likes, shares, Tweets, Retweets, +1's, and Repins you get, the higher the authority your content gets.

Getting a lot of attention on social media not just gives Google the sign your content is liked, but also drives a lot of traffic directly to your content from those social sites.

Indexing And Pinging

You want to make sure your content is indexed into Google, so it knows to even look at it.

Wordpress is one of the best programs to use for blogging, so I'd recommend using it.

Find an indexer and make sure your content gets indexed.

Also, find some places that will "ping" your new links you create, to give it an extra push.

Views And Bounce Rate

Here is a huge factor in ranking on Google.

You need people who read your content, and not just close it out the second they open it.

This is exactly why I DO NOT RECOMMEND using traffic exchanges on any content you want ranked.

Having a high bounce rate of people closing your site out, will knock you off the top page.

You need people who read, stay a while, click on other links inside your blog, and watch your videos.

Get people doing this, and your content serves another big chance of being moved up in the rankings.

Consistency Counts

One thing Google and other search engines love, is consistent content creation.

Just by releasing and publishing new blog posts, you begin getting favored by the search engines.

Be sure you stay consistent, and constantly keep creating new content.

Same goes with videos and articles. 

These also help drive traffic to your blog, and help to bring results on their own.

Did This Help?

If you learned anything new, or got value from this post today, please leave a comment below.

I value every comment, and look forward to hearing from you as well.

Let's also get connected here on MLM Gateway, so we can continue sharing value with one another!

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This article was published on 30.01.2019 by Jaye Carden
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