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You're upline is getting wealthy, and you're not, here is how to fix that crap!

I'm going to show you something: those in MLM. I believe it's a way to find out if those you follow into new business opportunities are only out for themselves. I found one that is selling bullion bars, coins, gold and silver at cost. They are the lowest price in the world. Because they are the lowest price, this gives marketers an economic advantage, and you stand a better chance at success: common sense duh!!!!

But there is a catch. You can only make $1000 per week. So I bought a marketing pack for me, one for my wife, her business and my business. My first two days I made a few calls to some people online that deal in these assets. They joined, [I MEAN WHO WOULDN'T RIGHT?] and they also spread the good news about this to people they new. In two days, with 3 people that I closed, I made $1000. That was it for my earning center until next week. But I also had to put those 3 under my wife's business. And then a few days later, she earned her $1000 because of my work she was half way there! So this is called leveraging, or I coined the phrase compound commission, a URL I own. ! So $2000 in a week with just closing a few sales.

The theory behind this two team pay plan is that you make two sales, and put them one on each of two teams. When the two teams generate 500 pts in sales on each team you get $1000 minimum for the week, and then now you have maybe at least 2 to 10 people working for next week, so it should be easier for you to get the 500 and 500 for the $1000 pay that week. In a few weeks of this growth, you have a walk away $1000 per week per business entity, and all you have to do is a bit of management, which sometimes with good managers is set back and collect the checks! We have 4 entity's so I see $4000 per week in the near future. Right now it is $2000 per week so far, and it's only been two weeks tomorrow. Christmas just got better!

But there is a problem! I've spoken to several heavy hitters about this, telling them about this company that is allowing people to sell bullion at cost to undercut the competition giving us the leading edge, so that people that have a hard time earning online can finally earn a $1000 check with just a few sales. When they heard it was limited to $1000 they were offended, even though it would help many of their loyal and faithful followers that support their six figure incomes. They didn't want to help their people earn! It doesn't compete with their primary company. This is bullion commodity at cost! Millions are in bullion MLM selling $2000 opportunities so you can pay double for bullion in MLM! Our price, for as little as $75 you can earn the $1000! But to order at cost, you pay $250, oh and they waive the $75 fees.

So, this Christmas, while you support your upline, even though your pay is dismal at best, even if you ever get paid! Oh don't think they don't know about this opportunity! They are hoping like heck that you don't see it, because they want more, even though you have no economic edge with what they offer you! I'm talking about the fact you are trying to earn when you don't have or offer the lowest prices in the world to propel you! Your business probably puts people into debt. Study basic economics, and you'll see why you are failing! Maybe you don't have time to study basic economics. The consequence is that you will fail, so you better make time! I teach it to my team!

If you want to earn real money, at least $1000 per week building only two teams, with at least two team leaders, I can help you find them! I can even place leaders under you, which I am doing now for certain people. I'm not quiting my primary Valentus, I'm supplementing my income with bullion. I also supplement it with real estate! I've not found a good real estate MLM yet!!!

I can't guarantee success, but if you're willing to learn to get leads, I can show you where I get them, I'll talk to them for you free of charge, and do my best to close your sales! I do it for people every day!

Let me know 925-360-1936. That's my cell phone. Please watch this 5 minute video here Oh and if you are overweight, and want and easy solution I lost 58 lbs with this

This article was published on 26.12.2016 by Pat Hamer
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