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To make things clear.  I am not giving financial advice. I am only sharing information that I have personally read and based on general practices that many affiliates have applied to my personal situation with this company.  Never spend money that you are unwilling or able to loose. 

But, I do think what we do with Karatbars Intl GmbH is a real solution for US and we simply share what WE do.

What WE do is very simple.

1. WE save weekly into 999.99 24 Karat REAL GOLD BULLION.

2. WE hedge SOME of our risk capital into crypto, and in particular, one that is backed by an entire payment ecosystem based on gold.

3. WE earn commissions weekly in EUROS.

WE do this because, frankly, we think the American economy and dollar are unsustainable at the current $22 trillion debt ceiling.

WE do this because WE cannot see how the traditional investment strategies that worked 20 or even 10 years ago can possibly help middle class people anymore and beat rising interest rates and inflation. The dollar or any other governmental issued currency can not keep pace with let alone outpace inflation. 

WE do this because WE want to hedge OURSELVES against both the failing dollar and even failing global Fiat currencies. In the history of the world, no country has ever sustained an economy based on fiar currency and the U.S. will not be the first.In carry-adjusted terms, the rand has fallen far less – only some six percent, though with plenty of volatility along the way. That is a near miraculous feat, given the bad news.

It noted that the budget deficit next year is projected to balloon to its worst level in over a decade at 6.5% of GDP, a sharp deterioration after the government managed to stabilise finances at a near-constant -4% of GDP for the last few years.

Late 2019 saw some of the most generous credit conditions for emerging markets in history and the market somehow managed to absorb this news without jettisoning the rand to new lows for the year.But in 2020, the jig will be up for the country. A brief investigation of the maths shows us why.

That rise may seem small — at less than 10% — but in constant US dollar terms (adjusted for US CPI), this means that the economy has shrunk a staggering 9% over the last 12 years.

Worse still, the World Bank estimates that its external debt has more than doubled over that period to over 50% of GDP. Meanwhile gold bullion has remained steadily on the rise regardless 

Other uncreditworthy emerging markets will be drawn into the abyss as well in 2020, with the most differentiated performance across emerging market economies in and around the world. We may not be so fortunate to survive the next bubble. History always seem to repeat it's self because man seems to continue doing the same things in

This article was published on 08.12.2019 by Windell Watters
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