Create Lifetime Residual Income With Multiple Streams of Revenue the ITJ Way

Although InvitationToJoin is an excellent stand alone program, with the new ECO matrix being added, it's a program you'll want to join yourself, and then promote to your already established teams and downlines.  They will thank you for giving them the additional passive income streams.  ITJ builds your list full of people who are proven "want to make money online" people.  You'll build multiple streams of income at InvitationToJoin as new programs are introduced every couple of months. As you join each program, your downline follows under you in the same order, creating a residual stream of income.  NOW with the addition of the affiliate marketplace and the ECO matrix (Extra Commission Opportunity), additional streams of passive revenue will be created.  The ECO matrix pays commissions 14 levels up (not down which is the norm). Think about that.  As the matrix fills around you and beneath you with members that others have sponsored, you'll benefit from any of their efforts 14 levels below you.  When they buy a product for their own use, or promote a product to earn the commissions or recruit someone who buys or sells something in the marketplace, commissions will be paid 14 levels up in the matrix. You will earn commissions simple by being a free member without ever having to do anything, sell anything, buy anything or recruit ever.  It's a first and no other company is doing this.   So as you promote this to your already built teams in your other company's and your members join under you in ITJ, and their members join under them, etc. etc. think of all the revenue streams you will be creating for yourself and each and everyone that joins with you (under you)!! 

I don't want to be in competition with you.  I'd love to help you grow your teams in the businesses you are currently in.  I'd be happy to join your (free) program too and cross promote if what you have is as good as ITJ!   There are a lot of these company's that will come and go but I know that ITJ will be around for years to come because it is backed by a reputable and ethical internet marketing veteran.  You can have multiple accounts at ITJ. Wouldn't it be awesome to open an account for each one of your kids or grandkids and continue to build the value of each of those accounts until you hand them off to them as they come of age?  We have a lot of things going on under the ICAN umbrella. ITJ is our launchpad program to all the others.  Please join me now if you are looking for a forward thinking company to put your efforts behind and build an empire with.   There are so many ways to achieve your financial dreams with this one company, again, if you are looking for a great business to start online, you have found it.  Join ITJ and while you are there, grab the free report too, "The Ten Immutable Laws of Internet Marketing Success" written and narrated by our CEO, Mike G.  

This article was published on 01.04.2018 by Joan Nielsen
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