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Thank you graciously for choosing to read this announcement/article, on why I joined Karatbars International.

Please understand that the decision to write and submit this article was made because I too was very concerned about my financial literacy, and the fact that some how deep within I felt something was dreadfully wrong with my method of working hard, saving "Fiat Paper Currency" over several years and actually seeing my savings lose it's purchasing power and buying less and less, every day, week and year. 

Finally I came to the conclusion that some how I and most of the masses must have been given  the wrong information with regards to money and what really is a true "Store of Value".  

After several months of personal research into the topic "Financial Literacy", I finally  stumbled on experts like Mike Maloney and Robert Kiyosaki. Please do some research yourself and learn the truth from the above authors, and other financial literacy experts. 

Here is a quote from Mike Maloney's book: "Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver: "I hate to  tell you this, but the currency system is stacked against you. If you are an average  American who works hard and saves your cash in the bank, you are the biggest looser in this system. The biggest winners are the financial sectors that create the new currency.  They grow richer as you grow poorer". 

Here is another quote from the website of Politifact.com: "In 1913 the official price of an ounce of gold was $20.64. Today, an ounce of gold buys $1,370. That is an increase in the  price of gold of some 6,530%; seen another way, the value of the dollar versus gold has fallen 98.5 percent," explained Jamie Jacoby with the Richmond Tea Party". 

Once I had the above information, I then began to look for an opportunity, and this is why I joined Karatbars International.

It is my humble opinion that this company  offer 5 critical factors which are needed to achieve true success with-in this industry.

5 Critical Factors.

1: The Company: Karatbars International began doing business in 2011, and is Privately  Held, by Harald Seiz. The Company is debt free and currently doing business in over 120 countries. The Company is based in Stuttgart, Germany.

2: The Program: This is an e-Commerce Gold Savings Affiliate Program. An account can be  opened FREE, with no contact information required. With a FREE account an affiliate can save in Gold whenever the affiliate chooses, and by introducing other free affiliates 5 streams of monthly income can be earned, when the FREE affiliates save in gold also. 

The affiliates also have the option to purchase a builders package. With this package the affiliate can now earn 7 streams of income with a very lucrative weekly residual income. Please view our "12 Weeks Pay Plan". Affiliates who choose to purchase a builders  package never have to renew their purchase annually, like most Home Based Businesses. 

All affiliates who choose to join Karatbars are given 4 totally free business building websites.

3: The Product: The products at Karatbars are mainly grams of Gold which are inserted into gift cards and collectors cards, similar to the images at the top of this article. The key with Karatbars is the fact that affiliates are not asked to spend money weekly or monthly. No "Auto ship" Program. Instead, affiliates are asked to save their Paper Currency  into Grams of Gold. Yes this is a Savings Program, which allows each affiliate to save Gold and earn a very lucrative residual income, while building a "Real Store of Wealth", for generations. 

4: The Training/Support System: Each week affiliates can plug-in to 3 nights of Free on-line Training and support. On Mondays we offer "A Team Huddle", when company updates are given, including testimonials and motivation. This is great for  "prospects and suspects" to "Kick The Tires". On Wednesdays we offer "A Private Gold Reception", when a company presentation is offered.  On Fridays we offer "A Getting Started Training". 

5: Distribution/Storage System: Karatbars has provided the highest level of secured private storage and delivery of the products to their affiliates. Affiliates have  the option to store their Gold with the Company for as long as they choose,  for free, or they can have their products shipped, per order by FedEx


With your FREE eCommerce Gold Savings Account, you have the option to save/exchange your paper currency into a true Store of Value, in grams of 24 karat ,999 pure Gold. 

Please understand that this company's emphasis is on a weekly or monthly savings Program. Not a spending Program. Our mission is to teach the masses to save again, but this time in real Money, not "Fiat Paper Currency". 

You will have the option to save in Gold whenever you choose. You are in control of your savings. No monthly commitment required. And for those looking to build a substantial weekly/monthly income the option is also there, and with a professional training  system of Simple duplication.

This article was published on 12.11.2016 by Victor Graham
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KaratBars International - Gold Savings, Free to join

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Komi Gidigidi Great product to have in your retirement porfolio. Please check my link for other option  3 years ago
Imre Madi This is just amazing Program and getting more and more valuable!  3 years ago

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