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This program is shaping up to be Phenomenal...Never been done before.... 

Most of us care about others and have done many selfless humanitarian acts in our lifetime to help others rise above diversity, like homeless, refugees, underprivileged, the poor and tragically struck. Our world is under siege; greed, corruption, violence are spiraling  out of control. You might ask your self how can I make a difference? What can I do? It seems all too hard, there's no help or support when needed. There actually is a solution and a surprisingly easy one. With so much destruction and negativity it has become my plight with the help of DailyFreedomChallenge we are assisting as many people possible to get out of debt and truly become financially free once and for all. Their success will be our success. 

Within the DFC community are pastors, missionaries, voluntaries all working diligently behind the scenes to bring in the masses from third world countries. As you can imagine the commitment from these people as they working in groups to make this happen. This plan is in place, its coming to fruition, every single person will benefit from this in the DFC community. One and a half million waiting to join now. 

Our slogan is "Let's Help the World" 

DFC is a simple pay-it-forward system with a .20cents donation and through its powerful automated 30 levels, everyone can achieve great wealth. With its company forced matrix you'll be in and out in no time cycling into the next level below. If you wish you can purchase up to 3 extra positions a day, this function helps everyone below fill their matrixes.  Our payment processor is STRIPE/BITCOIN  and we accept M/C VISA/ worldwide and or bitcoin wallet to fund your donations within your back office. 

There's an old saying in my family " just one cup of coffee". What I mean by that is, everyday I see people wondering around working or socially, that have to have their take-away coffee, don't get me wrong their is nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't stop with one, its 2 or 3 or even more a day, what if they took the $3-$4 dollars from that cup of coffee and put that in a jar, how much would they have in a short time? With DFC that could pay-it-forward for 20-25 needy people. 

One can only imagine the greater good that will follow from it. We stand all together as one team, with one goal in mind, to create abundance for all. 

If my words and principals resonate with you please join me and thousands of like-minded humanitarins in DailyFreedomChallenge. I appreciate you and thank you for your time. Lynn 



This article was published on 11.03.2019 by Lynn Drewett
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Harvey Akeson Go forth and help all you can. At the same time make some money.  8 months ago

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